Smash Bros.

list last updated on: August 18, 2011

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  • Click a column’s header to list in alphabetical order for that column. It takes a few seconds (and actually usually doesn’t work).
  • An asterisk after the hack name indicates an exciting, fancy model hack! fellow members, if I missed any, I’m terribly sorry yours was so boring.
  • If an update is about an old version of a hack with a revamped version, and the old version is not available for download, the download link will be for the revamped version.
  • If there’s no download link, it probably means the file hasn’t been uploaded. Be patient, or yell about it, whatever.


Hack name Character Creator Download
Boshi v3 (Vertex)* Yoshi Dhragen Download
Kid Guybrush Toon Link PAVGN Download
Outset Link Toon Link Pik Download
Bill* Snake RoyPh123x Download
Vampire Yoshi Yoshi PAVGN Download
Mighty The Armadillo Sonic Chicken Chaser Download
Scout* Captain Falcon RoyPh123x Download
Some Mr. Game & Watches Mr. Game & Watch PAVGN Download
Roy (Houdini Hair) Marth Pik Download
Doopliss* Pikachu PAVGN Download
Old Snake Snake Pik Download
Optimus Prime* Captain Falcon Chicken chaser Download
Ethan B^U Lucas Pako Download
Squall Leonhart* Ike Dhragen Download
Poo* Ness Pik Download
Demoman with a fedora* Mario Pako Download
Matt (Death Note) Marth RoyPh123x Download
Umaro Donkey Kong PAVGN Download
Shanoa Zelda Pik broken
Black Shadow Ganondorf RoyPh123x Download
Jockey Diddy Kong MeleeMaster500 Download
Team Magma Grunt Pokémon Trainer chicken Chaser Download
Sack Samus Samus PAVGN Download
Sack Zero Suit Samus Zero Suit Samus PAVGN Download
Knuckle Joe Kirby androu1 N/A
Fawful Peach PAVGN Download
Kingdom Hearts Luigi Luigi Grand Sir Thebus Download
Mario Mask Meta Knight Meta Knight PAVGN Download
A Bunch Of PAVGN’s stuff A bunch PAVGN Stuff
Hulk Davidson Bowser BP Download
King Mario Mario Androu1 N/A
Snake Pikachu Pikachu Pik Download
Steampunk Olimar Olimar RoyPh123x Download
Aperture Science Mobile Hostile Defensive Device Luigi Pako Download
Metroid Gang Deluxe Pokémon Trainer Dhragen Download
Tekkaman Samus RoyPh123x Download
Evil Zelda Zelda Grand Sir Thebus Download
Evil Sheik Sheik Grand Sir Thebus Download
Conrad Verner Snake Chicken Chaser Download
Bedhead Ness* Ness Pik Download
Agahnim Ganondorf Chicken Chaser Download
Fox McClown Fox BP Download
Steampunk Marth Marth RoyPh123x Download
Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine Ice Climbers BP Download
Commander Shepard Captain Falcon Chicken Chaser Download
Zack Fair* Ike Catgowoof Download
Some original character Wolf Grand Sir Thebus Download
Steampunk Captain Falcon Captain Falcon RoyPh123x Download
Bounty Hunter Luigi Luigi Pako Download
Box art Mega Man Captain Falcon Androu1 N/A
Dr. Horrible Ike BP Download
Ryu Ike Catgowoof Download
Ninten* Ness Pik Download
ExciteBiker Luigi Pako Download
Spy Luigi Roy Download
Hack char crea Download
Blinx Fox Leon Download
Demoman Lucario Leon Download
Croc Yoshi Leon Download
Rudy the Clown King Dedede Leon Download
Biker Diddy Diddy Kong BP Download
A Golden Goddess Zelda Commodore Jim Download
A Giant Sheik BP Download
A Boy and His Blob Toon Link BP Download
Mewtwo Lucario S Download
Sniper Luigi Pako Download
Ellis Luigi Pako Download
Mew Pikachu catgowoof Download
Pikmin Olimar catgowoof Download
Sephiroth Marth catgowoof Download
Shy Guys Ice Climbers catgowoof Download
Hermey Toon Link BP Download
Batpuff Jigglypuff catgowoof Download
Batchu Pikachu catgowoof Download
Jody Summer Zero Suit Samus catgowoof Download
Sackboy Ness catgowoof Download
Meta Pit Pit catgowoof Download
Mr. L Luigi Pako Download
Thermal Rainbow Mario Mario BP Download
Peppy Pikachu catgowoof Download
Quote Sonic Pik Download
Zero Suit Samus Captain Falcon RoyPh123x Download
Captain Falcon Zero Suit Samus Pik Download
Dr. Wily Luigi Pako Download
Ryu Wario Commodore Jim Download
Ben 10 Samus Roy Ph123x Download
Magus Marth BP Download
Old Man Link Toon Link Lexx Download
Super Mario Snake Pik Download
Super Luigi Snake Pik Download
Kirby Snake Dhragen Download
Travis Touchdown Luigi Pako Download
Sephiroth Mario Pako Download
Regigigas Ganondorf Commodore Jim Download
Monstar (Starfy) Bowser Commodore Jim Download
Saxton Hale Mario Pako Download
Maronic Mario Commodore Jim Download
Gene Ike BP Download
Shannon Zelda BP Download
Demon Shannon Sheik BP Download
M. Bison Captain Falcon MeleeMaster500 broken
Gruntilda King Dedede MeleeMaster500 broken
BLU Spy Snake MeleeMaster500 broken
RED Spy Snake MeleeMaster500 broken
Gentleman Knight Meta Knight MeleeMaster500 broken
Henry Hatsworth Toon Link MeleeMaster500 broken
Mysterious Black Dude from Metroid: Other M Snake MeleeMaster500 broken
Snake’s Eyeballs Kirby MeleeMaster500 broken
Dragon-Zard Charizard MeleeMaster500 broken
Assassin Marth Lexx Download
Sonic Lexx Download
Fiery Peach Peach Lexx Download
Nayru Zelda Pik Download
Gold Pokémon Trainer Pik Download
White Power Ranger Meta Knight Leon Download
Rainbow Yoshi Yoshi Leon Download
Tom Nook Lucario Leon Download
Wooden Yoshi Yoshi Leon Download
Pritz Marth Leon Download
Wooden Samus Samus Leon Download
Otacon Pit Commodore Jim Download
Dante Ike RoyPh123x Download
Partially Fancy Diddy Kong Diddy Kong BP Download
Bill Overbeck Mario Pako Download
Black Shadow Ganondorf RoyPh123x Download
Maxwell Ness catgowoof Download
Vegeta (Final) Fox Dhragen Download
Boshi (Final) Yoshi Dhragen Download
Sigma (final) Ganondorf Dhragen Download
Black Mage & White Mage (final) Ice Climbers Dhragen Download
BP’s Mr. Game & Watches Volume 1 Mr. Game & Watch BP Download
Frank West Ike BP Download
Billy Blaze Lucas Pako Download
Devil’s Machine Olimar Pako Download
LeChuck Ganondorf BP Download
Mudkip Pikachu Phreeq Download
00 Agent Falco Falco RoyPh123X Download
Real Plumber Mario Mario Pako Download
Terra Branford Zelda Dhragen Download
Esper Form Terra Sheik Dhragen Download
Yiazmat Meta Knight WolfPack Download
Dhragen’s Game &Watch Colors Mr. Game & Watch Dhragen Download
Rorschach Toon Link BP Download
Wario Snake Snake BP Download
Warth Marth BP Download
Quint Ness NICKtendo DS & Dhragen broken
Simon Belmont (Captain N) Lucas Pako Download
Dr. Mario Mario Pako & S Download
Engineer Mario Pako Download
N.E.S. Mario Mario Pako Download
Mr. EAD Mario Pako Download
Fighting Wireframe (Female) Zero Suit Samus NICKtendo DS broken
Fighting Polygon (Samus) Samus NICKtendo DS broken
Geno Sheik RoyPh123X Download
Crono Pit BP Download
Frog Yoshi BP Download
Sonic the Barbarian Sonic Captain Jim Download
Spelunky Mario Pako Download
Balrog Kirby Pako Download
Quote Toon Link Pako Download
Leon (F-Zero) Wolf NICKtendo DS Download
Doc Robot Metaknight NICKtendo DS Download
SMAAAASH!! Lucas Lucas BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Samus Samus BP Download
SMAAAASH!! ZSS Zero Suit Samus BP Download
Pajama Sam Lucas NICKtendo DS broken
Big Teddy Bowser NICKtendo DS broken
Goku SSJ3 Link RoyPh123X Download
Goku SSJ3 Link MMXD Download
Dr. Rockso Mario Pako Download
Yuusha Ike Androu1 Download
Captain Marthcon Marth RoyPh123X Download
SMAAAASH!! Ganondorf Ganondorf BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Bowser Bowser BP Download
Kirby the Echidna Kirby Phreeq Download
Kirby the Hedgehog Kirby Phreeq Download
Sniper Snake Pako Download
White Power Ranger Metaknight Leon Download
Crocomire Yoshi NICKtendo DS broken
Sharona Ecrème Yoshi NICKtendo DS broken
Merchant Wario Wario (Biker) Pako Download
Bard Luigi Luigi Pako Download
Rhaith Luigi Pako Download
Midna (Twili) Zelda S Download
Midna (Imp) Sheik S Download
Melee Peach Peach S Download
Melee Bowser Bowser S Download
Young Link v.2 Toon Link S Download
Roy Marth S Download
SMAAAASH!! Ice Climbers Ice Climbers BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Sonic Sonic BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Luigi Luigi BP Download
Cap’n Crunch Wario (Jacket) BP Download
Alex Kidd Lucas NICKtendo DS broken
Egle/Igul Lucas NICKtendo DS broken
Stone Head Ness NICKtendo DS broken
Unfortunate Pit Pit BP Download
Surfin’ Pit Pit BP Download
Party Falcon Captain Falcon BP Download
Party Lucas Lucas Captain Jim Download
Myrrh Maroon Zelda NICKtendo DS broken
Yellow Devil v.2 Kirby NICKtendo DS broken
Splot v.2 Kirby NICKtendo DS broken
Amy Rose v.2 Peach NICKtendo DS broken
Lucas Toon Link RoyPh123X Download
Guybrush Threepwood Link BP Download
Sephiroth Marth Catgowoof Download
Ermac Link RoyPh123X Download
Sub-Zero Link RoyPh123X Download
Scorpion Link RoyPh123X Download
Kido Toon Link MXXD Download
Ancient Minister Meta Knight Neon Download
A Grue Pikachu Phreeq Download
Haunter Ganondorf Captain Jim Download
Bear Hugger Wario (Overalls) BP Download
Guts Man Donkey Kong Catgowoof Download
Godot Snake RoyPh123X Download
Zatch Bell Ness MXXD Download
Saxton Hale Mario Pako Download
Minstrell Show Ike Ike Phreeq Download
True Shadow Mario Mario Pako Download
BUG Kirby NICKtendo DS broken
Murphy (v2) Kirby NICKtendo DS broken
Hammer Bro Suit Mario Mario Pako broken
Steampunk Mario Mario Pako Download
Italian Solid Snake Mario Pako broken
John Freeman Luigi Pako broken
Knight Mario Mario Pako broken
Beldr Marth Leon Download
Masquerade Kirby Kirby Phreeq Download
Cackletta Peach S Download
Shadow Bowser Bowser NICKtendo DS Download
Shadow Star Kirby NICKtendo DS Download
Fawful Lucas NICKtendo DS Download
Billy Hatcher (Yoshi) Yoshi NICKtendo DS broken
Protoman Ness NICKtendo DS & Dhragen broken
SMAAAASH!! Jigglypuff Jigglypuff BP Download
Fancy Jigglypuff Jigglypuff BP Download
Mineral Giga Bowser Giga Bowser S Download
Roy Koopa Bowser S Download
Morton Koopa Jr. Bowser S Download
Ludwig von Koopa Bowser S Download
Lemmy Koopa Bowser S Download
Larry Koopa Bowser S Download
Iggy Koopa Bowser S Download
Bowser Jr. Bowser S Download
Orchid Peach NICKtendo DS broken
SMAAAASH!! Snake Snake BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Captain Falcon (New) Captain Falcon BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Ness (New) Ness BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Mario (New) Snake BP Download
Dizzy Yoshi Yoshi Captain Jim Download
Fuzzy Kirby Captain Jim Download
Super Falcon CF Captain Falcon NICKtendo DS broken
Maid Guy Captain Falcon NICKtendo DS Download
Quentin Luigi Captain Jim Download
SMAAAASH!! Kirby Kirby BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Meta Knight Meta Knight BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Dedede King Dedede BP Download
Snake (Banana Camo) Snake Captain Jim Download
Link (Zelda II) Link BP Download
Bubble Voyager Sonic Leon Download
Fierce Dedede Link Link BP Download
Zombie-Face Naked Snake Snake Captain Jim Download
SMAAAASH!! Zelda Zelda BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Sheik Sheik BP Download
Captain Syrup (New) Peach NICKtendo DS Download
Hadouken Kirby Captain Jim Download
Anubis Lucario NICKtendo DS broken
Cleopatra Peach NICKtendo DS & Pako broken
Spritle Ness BP N/A
Chim-Chim Diddy Kong BP Download
Real Mario Mario BP Download
Glass Joe Luigi Pako broken
Super Macho Man Captain Falcon Pako broken
Crash Bandicoot Sonic Phreeq Download
Jagi Captain Falcon Vile Download
Amy Rose Peach NICKtendo DS broken
Sally Acorn Peach NICKtendo DS broken
Link (Ocarina of Time, young) Toon Link BP Download
Link (Ocarina of Time, old) Link BP Download
Giovanni Ganondorf BP Download
Joker Snake Vile Download
Luigi on Crack Luigi Androu1 Download
Burnt Ness Ness Androu1 Download
Burnt Lucas Lucas Androu1 Download
Earth Orb Kirby BP Download
Fire Orb Kirby BP Download
Water Orb Kirby BP Download
Air Orb Kirby BP Download
Bubblemar Olimar Captain Jim Download
SMAAAASH!! Yoshi Yoshi BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Pikachu Pikachu BP Download
Link Wolf Wolf Captain Jim Download
Bass Lucas Captain Jim Download
Servbot Ness BP Download
Black Shadow Ganondorf BP Download
Whatever Luigi Luigi Androu1 Download
Whatever Ness Ness Androu1 Download
SMAAAASH!! Wario Wario (Jacket) BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Toon Link Toon Link BP Download
Scout Ness Captain Jim Download
Spy Meta Knight Pako Download
Demoman Wario (Jacket) Pako Download
DIY Wario Wario (Jacket) BP Download
NiGHTS Sonic S Download
Clone Trainer Pokémon Trainer S Download
Cloned Pikachu Pikachu S Download
Taxi Driver Luigi NICKtendo DS Download
Twinbee Meta Knight NICKtendo DS Download
Commander Lucas Lucas Dhragen Download
Unmasked Man Lucas Dhragen Download
Captain Syrup Peach NICKtendo DS Download
Green Goblin Link NICKtendo DS Download
Splot Kirby NICKtendo DS Download
King Oneye Bowser NICKtendo DS Download
Cloud Strife Ike S Download
Mood Camo Snake Snake Vile Download
Link (Spirit Tracks) Toon Link S Download
SMAAAASH!! RED Pokémon Trainer BP Download
Fulgore Lucas NICKtendo DS Download
Zombie Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jugg4n4ut Download
Jazz Jackrabbit Fox NICKtendo DS Download
Devan Shell Bowser NICKtendo DS Download
Melee Trophy Wario Wario (Overalls) S Download
Melee Trophy Meta Knight Meta Knight S Download
Melee Trophy King Dedede King Dedede S Download
Ed Ness HSX Download
Edd Toon Link HSX Download
Eddy Lucas HSX Download
Black Mage Toon Link Spire Download
Zombie Lucario Lucario Jugg4n4ut Download
Pole Luigi NICKtendo DS Download
Geno v2 Toon Link Androu1 & Dhragen Download
Melee Fox Fox Bluz Download
GOLD Pokémon Trainer BP Download
Shadow Mario Mario Pako Download
The Skull Captain Falcon NICKtendo DS Download
SMAAAASH!! Mario Mario BP Download
Billy Hatcher (normal) Lucas Androu1 Download
Billy Hatcher (chicken suit) Lucas Androu1 Download
Bloody Meta Knight Meta Knight Vile Download
Zombie Luigi Luigi Jugg4n4ut Download
SMAAAASH!! Ness Ness BP Download
Mario Bowser Bowser Androu1 Download
Luigi Bowser Bowser Androu1 Download
Mini Halberd Meta Knight Androu1 Download
Alex Kidd Lucas NICKtendo DS Download
Patapon Kirby Vile Download
Melee Captain Falcon Captain Falcon S Download
St. George King Dedede Leon Download
Ditto Pikachu Dhragen Download
Lloyd Irving Pit Vyse Download
Vyse Pit Vyse Download
Jack Captain Falcon Vile Download
Convexity Knight Meta Knight Leon Download
T-800 Samus Vyse Download
T-X Zero Suit Samus Vyse Download
Murphy Kirby NICKtendo DS Download
Rayman Fan Ness NICKtendo DS Download
Lavos Bowser NICKtendo DS Download
Chibi Otacon Lucas Androu1 Download
Yellow Devil Kirby NICKtendo DS Download
Madzilla Bowser Androu1 Download
Don Patch Kirby NICKtendo DS Download
Masked Man Ness Dhragen Download
Hero’s New Clothes Toon Link BP Download
Youngster Ben Ness Vyse Download
Game Boy RED Pokémon Trainer Captain Jim Download
Furry McKill-Bot 2000 Sonic Leon Download
Ordon Link Link Eggboy13 Download
Jonic 6 Sonic Androu1 Download
Cinder (new) Captain Falcon Dhragen Download
Falcon Sonic Sonic Dhragen Download
Falcon Meta Knight Meta Knight Dhragen Download
Mr. Mineral & Watch Mr. Game & Watch Dhragen Download
Kadabra/Alakazam Lucario Androu1 Download
JigglyTRON 3000 Jigglypuff NICKtendo DS Download
Rorschach Meta Knight Captain Jim Download
Kefka Palazzo Marth Dhragen Download
Bow Jigglypuff S Download
Waluigi Luigi S Download
King Kong Donkey Kong S Download
Goblin Ness NICKtendo DS Download
Zombie Sonic Sonic Jugg4n4ut Download
Shroob Rex Yoshi Androu1 Download
Prince X Link Androu1 Download
Heartless Riku Marth Vyse Download
Mickey Mouse Lucario Dhragen Download
Bart Simpson Ness Androu1 Download
Millhouse Lucas Androu1 Download
Mack the Knife Meta Knight S Download
Met Kirby Phreeq Download
Fina Zelda Vyse Download
Weegeepuff Jigglypuff Dhragen Download
CD-i Link Link Androu1 Download
The King v2 Ganondorf Androu1 Download
Small Giga Bowser Bowser S Download
Squall Leonheart Ike Dhragen Download
Zidane Tribal Pit Dhragen Download
Neku Sakuraba Lucas Phreeq Download
The Skull (old) Captain Falcon NICKtendo DS Download
Classic Joker Lucas Eggboy13 Download
Goku Sonic Androu1 Download
SMAAAASH!! Captain Falcon Captain Falcon BP Download
Dry Pit Pit Androu1 Download
Metal Sonic Sonic Androu1 Download
Master Higgins Mario Dhragen Download
Bomberman Toon Link Androu1 Download
Lickitung Yoshi BP Download
Chibi Solid Snake Ness Androu1 Download
Chibi Liquid Snake Lucas Captain Jim Download
Chibi Gray Fox Ness NICKtendo DS Download
Freakazoid Captain Falcon Dhragen Download
Rocket Grunt Luigi NICKtendo DS Download
Johnny Turbo Ness BP Download
Pigmask Colonel Wario-Man Dhragen Download
Fat Waluigi Wario (Overalls) BP Download
Pappychu Pikachu Captain Jim Download
Wakko Diddy Kong Dhragen Download
Yakko Sonic Dhragen Download
Dot Pikachu Dhragen Download
Dry Ness Ness Androu1 Download
Dry Lucas Lucas Androu1 Download
Fancy Pikachu Pikachu BP Download
Pikablu Pikachu BP Download
Shin Chan Ness Androu1 Download
Georgie Lucas Androu1 Download
Action Bastard Captain Falcon Androu1 Download
Zombie Trainer Pokémon Trainer Jugg4n4ut Download
Samurai Goroh Wario (Jacket) BP Download
Tekkaman Meta Knight Captain Jim Download
Tingle Olimar Dhragen Download
Friender Lucario Androu1 Download
Link (LoZ) Toon Link Androu1 Download
Somari Sonic Captain Jim Download
Fancy Wario Wario (Jacket) BP Download
Geno Toon Link Androu1 Download
Mike Jones Lucas Captain Jim Download
Classic Captain Falcon Captain Falcon BP Download
Ninten Ness Androu1 Download
Loid Ness Androu1 Download
Teddy Lucas Androu1 Download
Racer X Meta Knight Captain Jim Download
Vengeful Twin Lucas Captain Jim Download
Link (Ocarina of Time, young) Toon Link S Download
Mewtwo Lucario S Download
HDF Kirby BP Download
Sir Kibble Meta Knight Androu1 Download
Falcon Pikachu Pikachu Dhragen Download
Falcon Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Dhragen Download
Satan Luigi NICKtendo DS Download
Beast Yugo Wolf Dhragen Download
Sweeney Todd Lucas Captain Jim Download
Black Mage & White Mage Ice Climbers Dhragen Download
SA-X Spire Download
Zero Suit SA-X Zero Suit Samus Spire Download
Funky Kong Donkey Kong Androu1 Download
Dry Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Androu1 Download
Dr. Mario Mario Androu1 Download
Roy Ike Androu1 & BP Download
Shiny Lucario Lucario Warchamp7 Download
Dynablade Falco Warchamp7 Download
Marcus McCloud Fox Warchamp7 Download
Rival BLUE Lucas Dhragen Download
Raichu Pikachu Androu1 Download
Oompa Loompa Lucas BP Download
Zero Link Dhragen Download
Zero (black armor) Link Dhragen Download
MOTHER Trainer Pokémon Trainer S Download
NES Peach Peach BP Download
NES Bowser Bowser S Download
Fighter Lucas BP Download
Thief Lucas BP Download
Black Mage Lucas Androu1 Download
Red XIII Fox Dhragen Download
Paper Mache Mario Mario S Download
PED Zero Suit Zero Suit Samus Eggboy13 Download
Justin Bailey Samus Zero Suit Samus Bluz Download
Metal Sonic R.O.B. Captain Jim Download
PED Samus Samus Eggboy13 Download
Classic Samus Samus Bluz Download
Link (Ocarina of Time, old) Link Bluz Download
Aparoid R.O.B. Bluz Download
EVE R.O.B. Leon Download
Ecksbawks Robot R.O.B. BP Download
C-3PO R.O.B. Eggboy13 Download
WALL·E R.O.B. Eggboy13 Download
Omega R.O.B. Dhragen Download
Nintendo 64 R.O.B. R.O.B. Androu1 Download
GameCube R.O.B. R.O.B. Androu1 Download
Wii R.O.B. R.O.B. Androu1 Download
Zombie R.O.B. R.O.B. Jugg4n4ut Download
Golden Samus Samus Androu1 Download
Sexy Samus Zero Suit Samus Bluz Download
Bomberwoman Samus Androu1 Download
Zero Suit Bomberwoman Zero Suit Samus Androu1 Download
Wolf McCloud Wolf Androu1 Download
Fancy Yoshi Yoshi BP Download
Darkrai Lucario S Download
Deoxys Lucario S Download
Ruffy Ness Bluz Download
Wart King Dedede Androu1 Download
Shy Guy Toon Link Androu1 Download
Rex Yoshi Androu1 Download
Chaos Sonic Androu1 Download
Shadow the Hedgehog Pikachu Androu1 Download
Mallow Kirby Androu1 Download
Geno Toon Link Leon Download
Boshi Yoshi Dhragen Download
Dry Mario Mario Androu1 Download
Dry Luigi Androu1 Download
Zombie Mario Mario Jugg4n4ut Download
Pedobear Pikachu Dhragen Download
Dr. Mario (old) Mario Androu1 Download
Unmasked Man Lucas Androu1 Download
Dr. Eggman Wario (Overalls) Eggboy13 Download
Duster Lucas BP Download
Pichu Pikachu S Download
Gingerbread Lucas Lucas Captain Jim Download
Giyness Ness Androu1 Download
Christmas R.O.B. R.O.B. Androu1 Download
Roy (old) Ike Androu1 Download
Santa Ganondorf Androu1 Download
Zombie Ganondorf Ganondorf Jugg4n4ut Download
Greymon Bowser Leon Download
Moogle Pikachu Androu1 Download
Metroid Trainer Pokémon Trainer Dhragen Download
Robo R.O.B. Dhragen Download
Fario Mario Androu1 Download
V Meta Knight Eggboy13 Download
Raymond Bryce Snake Androu1 Download
Cinder (old) Captain Falcon Dhragen Download
Dry Yoshi Yoshi Androu1 Download
Communist Dedede King Dedede Androu1 Download
Ms. Jiggle & Watch Jigglypuff Androu1 Download
Charlie Brown Ness Eggboy13 Download
Proto Man Captain Falcon Dhragen Download
Link (A Link to the Past) Toon Link Dhragen Download
Flying Mario Mario Androu1 Download
Flying Luigi Androu1 Download
Flying Wario Wario (Overalls) Androu1 Download
Speed Racer Captain Falcon Androu1 Download
Mr. M Mario Androu1 Download
Majora’s Mask Meta Knight Leon Download
Genis Sage Lucas Dhragen Download
Awesome Face Kirby Dhragen Download
Shoop da Whoop Bowser Bluz Download
Magneto Ganondorf Warchamp7 Download
Chipmunk Pikachu Bluz Download
King K. Rool Bowser Androu1 Download
Mega Man Ness Dhragen Download
NES Mario Mario Androu1 Download
Billy (Animal Crosser) Ness Androu1 Download
Roasted Turkey Falco Leon Download
Lario Mario Androu1 Download
Jason Meta Knight Bluz Download
Agent J Lucas Androu1 Download
Zombie Bowser Bowser Jugg4n4ut Download
Amerikirby Kirby Androu1 Download
Vegeta Fox Dhragen Download
Playable RED Ness Dhragen Download
Lord Ike Ike Dhragen Download
Ninten (old) Ness Androu1 Download
Pac-Man Kirby Eggboy13 Download
Ninja Link Androu1 Download
Mega Lucas Androu1 & Dhragen Download
U-1 Ness Androu1 Download
Captain Canuck Captain Falcon Androu1 Download
Mama Luigi Dhragen Download
Sigma Ganondorf Dhragen Download
Captain mIRC Captain Falcon Warchamp7 Download
Captain KVIrc Captain Falcon Androu1 Download
M&M Kirby Androu1 Download
Fuel Lucas Androu1 Download
Evil Ice Climbers Ice Climbers Androu1 Download
Leon Magnus Marth Androu1 Download
Scarfy Jigglypuff Bluz Download
Fox O’Donnel Fox Androu1 Download
Ralph Link Phreeq Download
Alundra Link Androu1 Download
Wuigi Androu1 Download
Fiery Wario Wario (Overalls) Androu1 Download
NES Wario Wario (Overalls) Androu1 Download
Tubba Blubba Bowser Bluz Download
Viewtiful Joe Captain Falcon Bluz Download
Pimp Boyos Ice Climbers Androu1 Download
Mega Man Ness Androu1 Download
Sir Arthur Meta Knight Androu1 Download
Johnny Bravo Lucas Androu1 Download
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Ness Androu1 Download
Galacta Knight Meta Knight Androu1 Download
Blargg Yoshi Androu1 Download
Marill Jigglypuff Phreeq Download
Elder Koopa Bowser Androu1 Download
Mysterious Green Sword-Wielding Man Link Androu1 Download
Hawkmouth Falco Phreeq Download
Raichu Pikachu Phreeq Download
Stealthy Orange Snake Androu1 Download
Dark Blue Zelda Zelda Androu1 Download
Light Orange sheik Sheik Androu1 Download
Dark Matter Dedede King Dedede Androu1 Download
Game & Watch Kirby Kirby Phreeq Download
NES Luigi Androu1 Download
Pinkadorf Ganondorf Androu1 Download
Muigi Androu1 Download
Princess Shroob Peach Androu1 Download
Carbon Kirby Kirby Androu1 Download
Citrus Kirby Kirby Androu1 Download
Demon Luigi Androu1 Download
Venonat Jigglypuff Phreeq Download
Dark Meta-Luchador Meta Knight Androu1 Download
Shiny Trainer Pokémon Trainer Androu1 Download
Poké Ball Kirby Androu1 Download
Pickle Luigi Androu1 Download
The President Olimar Androu1 Download
Ashley Peach Androu1 Download
The King (old) Ganondorf Androu1 Download
Cheesasaurus Rex Yoshi Androu1 Download
Barney Yoshi Androu1 Download
Zombie Wario Wario (Overalls) Jugg4n4ut Download
Ancient Snake Link Androu1 Download
Coach Z Ness Androu1 Download
Maskless Meta Knight Kirby Androu1 Download
Royal Purple Marth Marth Androu1 Download
Travis Touchdown Lucas Androu1 Download
Ness Lucas Androu1 Download
Human Giygas Lucas Androu1 Download
Captain Rainbow Captain Falcon Androu1 Download
Beardness Androu1 Download
Dark-a-chu Androu1 Download

Special Updates

Hack name Character Creator Download
Revamped 3 + Surprise Ganondorf, Ness, Captain Falcon & Surprise Dhragen Download
Revamped 5 Random IDK Download
Land of the Lost Random IDK Download
Kirbies Gallore Random IDK Download
Revamped 4 Random IDK Download


Hack name Stage Creator Download
Waluigi Circuit Mario Circuit BP Download
SMAAAASH!! Yoshi’s Island Yoshi’s Island (Melee) BP Download
Blade’s Kingdom Battlefield WolfPack Download
SMAAAASH!! Onett Onett BP Download
Mêlée Island Delfino Plaza BP Download
The Supaplex Stage Builder Ruin NICKtendo DS broken
Generic Grassland Stage Builder Nature NICKtendo DS broken
Bridge of SMAAAASH!! Bridge of Eldin BP Download
Mute City: Aero Dive Port Town: Aero Dive BP Download
New Island Delfino Plaza S Download
Mystic Realm Zone Final Destination HSX Download
SMAAAASH!!roomy Kingdom Mushroomy Kingdom BP Download
Gyromite 75m Dhragen Download
Twilight Halberd Halberd Leon Download
Leon’s Pirate Ship Pirate Ship Leon Download
Hell Delfino Plaza BP Download
Twilight Castle Temple Bluz Download
Central Highway Port Town: Aero Dive Dhragen Download
New Mushroom Kingdom & Bowser’s Castle Mushroomy Kingdom Pako 1-1, 1-2
Threed Onett S Download
Whispy’s Revenge Green Greens S Download
Sky sanctuary Green Hill Zone S Download
NES 1-1 Mushroomy Kingdom Androu1 & Leon Download
NES 1-1 (old) Mushroomy Kingdom Leon Download
Phazonfair Norfair Androu1 Download
Phazonfair (old) Norfair Androu1 Download


Hack name Boss Creator Download
Heavily Armed Pokey Pokey S Download
Shroob Petey Petey Piranha S Download
Shiny Rayquaza Rayquaza S Download
Classic Ridley Ridley Bluz Download


Hack name Item Creator Download
Punching Bag Sandbag Vile Download
Premier Ball Poké Ball Vile Download
Red Shell Green Shell Vile Download
Rhyme Noise Dragoon Vile Download
Bombette Bob-Omb Vile Download
Trap Card Pitfall Vile Download

Assist Trophies

Hack name Character Creator Download
Doc Louis, Little Mac, Referee Mario Excitebike Racers Bluz Download
Mega Man & Mettaur Infantry & Tanks Androu1 Download


Hack name Pokémon Creator Download
Shinies All S Download

15 Responses to “Smash Bros.”


    Captain Planet for Snake!! 😀

  • Another Request:


  • Another Request:


  • My bad. Please don’t assume I am spamming.

  • YAY SO MCH FZERO I LOVE YOU GUYS… But please fix the DL-Links from Black Shadow (Ganny) and Leon (Wolf)

  • Broken downloads, broken downloads everywhere.

    Seriously someone who has some of these needs to re-up them nao.

    EDIT: nvmd I’m just using a lame mac that doesn’t tell you when you are downloading something.

  • Curly Brace for Samus, and Sparkster (From rocket knight adventures) for Toon Link.

  • My son wants so much to use these hacks to change the characters but don’t know how to use them? Just download them on a sd card or what? Thanks for any guidance.

  • Here’s a link on a tutorial how to get the homebrew channel.
    You need to get the “Homebrew Channel” first before you can even think about adding these brawl hacks.

    Heres the video on what to do

  • I can’t believe I’ve never seen this site before! It’s awesome, its a shame some of the pics are broken but these are seriously the best textures I’ve seen

  • How do I get the hacked assist trophy on my gecko os?

  • Someone should update the MegaUpload links…

  • I honestly did not know this page existed!
    If a link needs to be updated, it would have to be the person who originally made the hack, or someone else who has a copy. If you have a link you know works to replace a broken one, just post it in these comments for me.

  • If I may request: “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Mr.T., Junkyard Dawg, and a few others to go over Wario.

  • Hey, I noticed the link for Old Man Link (Toon Link)is down. Are you able to send the file to me possibly?

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