Enter the movies!

Haha, finally, my first texture to be released here!

What about a movie, hm? An action movie, maybe? But what if you get sucked INTO the movie? That’s right, the texture I’m going to present you guys, is a guy who likes X-Burgers and has a V-Shaped Watch. His favorite hero is Captain Blue, the world’s best super hero. If you guessed Viewtiful Joe, you guessed it right! Come on man, hop into the movies and get Sylvia back from the Jadow!

16 Responses to “Enter the movies!”

  • Henshin a go-go, baby o:

    I like it.

  • This texture didn’t turn out perfect, hopefully we can fix it up later.

  • I don’t think you could have done it any better, it looks great! Obviously it’s not going to look exactly like him due to the height difference, but what the heck! It’s fantastic!

  • Yes,as PZT said it’s kinda messed up.And it’s all MY fault since I messed up his first (the body) texture when I was hexing it.But hey,this is pretty awesome at it is.But it can be even better when that is fixed!

  • SkillzThatKillz56

    lolol i didnt even imagine this as a possible texturea anyway still turned out good!

  • Lol this texture seems so obvious of a texture to do on capn f, but it nevar came to mind. Very nice. Yes I could use some goin back and editing, but good overall

  • I see nothing wrong with this texture at all!
    (besides the goatee, :P)

  • LMAO! I need to fix that XD
    And the logo on his back too.

  • His goatee is gay.It’s squared on the texture but round in game.And you don’t need to fix his back logo,I did.You see the whole striped thing messed his back too.It’s a HEX error,and I fixed that already.

  • As I said in that very update, this is unfortunately the second time our textures have overlapped.

    The people of here at Stack Smash already know we pre-planned 100% of our textures. Also, its public knowledge that we are only 5 away from completion, and Mr.Viewtiful was not one of the uncompleted ones. We finished him over a month ago.

    So before this becomes a “he-copied, no he-copied” war, its quite simple. Both teams did the same character. It’s irrelevant who finished theirs first and who published theirs first. Just enjoy the variety.

  • LOL
    Wow, looks like someone had the same idea today, eh? Strange.

    Nicely done. I think the goatee’s a nice touch. Hmm. Is there no way to “split” the color of the scarf?

    Still, awesome texture hack. 🙂

  • Raganook,I’m sure that neither we or your team actually care if we do the same stuff and we do know you guys have it all (mostly) planned (I doubt you guys thought about Galacta since the start of the project…maybe since KSSU was released or something).I don’t know.

    Pretty much,you guys don’t care and we don’t care.And I’m sure we both expect the public to behave the same way,right? 😛

  • Yeah, Ghosteo beat it the day it came out and just went crazy with the idea, you got me there :P.

    Anyways, yes exactly. I was just hoping you would make a comment just like the one you did, so that everyone knows ]EE[ and SS are on good terms with one another, and that when stuff like this happens, it’s not because anyone has mal-intent.

    Also, get on xfire more 😉

  • I completely agree, Raganook. This is different in the way that we updated first (you updated first with Galacta, so it’s all even now). You guys are different at EE because you have everything pre-planned, and are much more professional than us. It doesn’t matter who does what first. It’s about the textures, not timeframes. EE, whoever wins has to change into a yellow outfit. 😛

  • A Ganondorf-based Captain Blue would be…viewtiful!


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