TRIPLE UPDATE: Hmm…needs moar bosses

Today, courtesy of S, we got a triple dose of bossy goodness.¬† Mmm…bosses taste like chicken.

First, we have Heavily Armored Pokey, from Earthbound. He’s scared, too. Isn’t it terrifying?

Second, we have Shroob Petey, an original idea. What do you get when you mix an annoying boss with an annoying villain species? This gem of purpleness.

Third, we have Shiny Rayquaza, who you undoubtably have soft-reset thousands of times to get, only to realize you have no Pokeballs. I sympathize with all of you, given I was in your situation I’d slam my GBASP into the wall as well. Now how about that?

I understand, you are very impatient, so dine on these luscious pics of deliciousness and happy enjoy. DINE I SAY!

@McLeod Gaming guys: Everything here is legal, stop being such wimps. Also, talk more, it seems like DasDonkey killed your discussion. K? K.

Also, these hacks are uploaded to the FTP. So test them out and take pics you ragamuffins.

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