Monthly Archive for December, 2010

Glover’s Brother

I’m not sure why I didn’t update with this before. There’s really no reason why, So here It is now.

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I didn’t want to release this until I was finished with my new item pack. But It’s Christmas time damn It! We need a fucking Christmas update!

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A little late there, buddy

Tomorrow = Three months later I guess??

So there you have it, Action 29: a compilation of a lot of mostly finished things I have lying around.

EDIT: NES Pit [bow] over Toon Link has the ported model, as the bow didn’t exist when I made him on TL. The Shield version should work fine in a Toon Link slot.

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SD Media Launcher-! (GCN)

Who would’ve guessed it actually works.

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From the dimension of green faces

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