Uhh, Ohai.

Yeah, I’m Lexx. Now look at my gay banner and other crap I’ve done.

Then there’s other stuff I’m not so proud of. Also, here are the PSA’s I’ve worked on.

Assassin PSA (Video)

Dark Super Sonic PSA (Video)

So, you get the idea. I do PSA hacks and stage hacks mostly.


Fire Flower Peach

Lair of Infection

Dataflow (V3)

Dataflow (V2)

Dark Super Sonic Texture

Dark Super Sonic Moveset

Lylat Cruise Makeover

Assassin Moveset

Assassin Texture

Night-Time Yoshi’s Island


I’m currently working on making a “true” Dark Metaknight.

Anyway, if any links are broken or if you have any requests, let me know in the comments.

16 Responses to “Uhh, Ohai.”

  • no link for the yoshi island stages?

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thank you for taking my suggestion. Or if you did it on your own, you did a great job. Great job on fire peach dude. =3

  • Turning over to the dark side, are we?

  • Oh, wow, the creator of Dataflow is on Stack Smash now, awesome!

  • Peach wears pink, so shouldn’t Fire Peach be white and Pink?

  • ‘Grats on making another team, I’ll just lurk over here until someone else quits.

  • Hoo, nice textures.

    I can see why Dataflow is so popular; it’s also the one I liked the best.

  • What, no Yoshi’s island downloads! well, please put them up eventually, the night one looks cool.

  • Trippy banner. o_O

    Also, lovin’ that Yoshi’s Island.

  • lol it’s like nobody visits ESH. xD

  • @ bboynotbgirl, Ninten

    Yoshi’s Island downloads up.

    @ GenericallyEpic

    No problem. I love how it turned out.

    @ shadowsquid86


    @ JrDude

    I just went off the picture GenericallyEpic gave me.

  • I’ll get you, Lexx Lutthhorr!

  • That dataflow stage is lookin good. Looks like something that would be good in a megaman battle network related update

  • Dude, I also freaking loved how it turned out. The only thing that is different is her collar is red, but it’s still freaking epic overall. ^_^
    Don’t suppose a moveset will be made in the future? ;P I was thinking an easy one would be to add the fire effect to most of her attacks. Then more advanced would be a half used Fire Flower (summoning items is a bit over powered, take Diddy and his bananas.) But I would not know how easy/hard it is to do any of this. So, I is gonna make request on kitty corp. If you would take it, I would be thrilled, but if not, don’t worry about it. You’ve done so much. ^_^

    Mind if I link your picture? =3 For the record, I am also Amorge and Blood, but I’ve gone through some emo killing changes so I’ve reinvented my name. ^_^

  • Wtf no l33t falco

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