It started as another normal adventure…

Mario was once again on a quest to save Princess Peach. It seemed like any ordinary day, with the same World 1-1 path…..or at least that’s what Mario thought. He ran his usual pattern of jumps and fireballs, and as he was jumping over a gap, he unexpectedly hit by a invisible coin box, knocking him into a deep pit, where he landed….HARD. Days went by and no rescue, Mario became weak and died.

Weeks went by, people began to wonder where their heroic plumber had gone. They soon found the pit and the mutilated dead Mario.Everyone assumed that Mario was gone forever, when suddenly a squeaky voice came from the crowd, “I can bring him back!”

It was Prof. E-Gadd. They lifted Mario out of the pit and took him to E-Gadd’s lab.
There, Prof. E-Gadd explained that he had been doing research in electrocution and the effect on the body. He said it was plausible for them to jolt him back to life, with minor consequenses.

And so they strapped the decaying Mario to the table and added rods to him. Egad turned on his machinery, and began sending large volts of electricity through Mario body.

After 5 mins, he turned off the machine, and stared at Mario. Princess Peach went to touch Mario’s arm, when his eyes suddenly opened. But they weren’t the same eyes.

They were pitch black, with dark red pupils. Suddenly Mario broke free from the table, and attacked them.

He killed Princess Peach, E-Gadd, and Luigi, and stumbled out of the lab into the cold night, looking for his next victim. Mario was no longer there, there was only Zombie Mario.

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