Today’s update is a goblin. A worthless, ordinary, run-of-the-mill goblin.  Seeing as we love to dwell in the odd recesses of nerd culture, you may think this guy is from some forgotten Tolkien manuscript or some 67-copy japan-only print run GBC game you’ve never heard of. But alas, he is just a goblin. A goblin with no name. A goblin with no past, present, or future. That isn’t to say he’s a non-powerful goblin. This goblin has psychic powers. And…midget and generic powers. Sorry goblin, but I’m just telling it like it is. Nicktendo did a good job of transcribing this little fantasy creature into texture form, so guess that counts for something. No amount of detail will make the goblin less generic though. But surely, I have gotten my point across. Now without further adieu, the pics which you love to feast on. Fill your belly with these JPGs!

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