Everyday I’m-a hustlin’

Cloud Ike? Bah, useless
Master Chief Captain Falcon? Hm, could be cool
Mario wearing a fedora? Best thing since baconnaise

Pretty drops, fast rates, that's just a facade


Yeah, yeah, I made a Mario hack, stop bitching >:I

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  • Cx_asuka of DasDonkey

    I <3 u for making this model

  • Haters gonna hate.

  • Haters gonna hate = false.
    Laughers gonna laugh = true.

    A valiant hack, and the hat brim looks fun – but to compare it to the other feats that you’ve named above? lmao.

  • Pako is right, tho. The Cloud Ike looked like shit. In fact, I think it’s an overrated piece of shit that people only like because it kinda looks like that stupid overrated emo son of a bitch called Cloud. This looks much better.

  • I judge model hacks based on their versatibility.

    You can’t do much with Cloud, sadly

  • And a minority mario is much more versatile. Mhm.

  • I want some baconnaise now :3

    Epic fedora is epic.

  • All we need nao is a kickass PSA, not like the Cloud one

  • Mario just got sexier.

  • i’m a bloody black scotsman! IM A SCOTTIE NIGGA!

  • I <3 you too Pako… well… not really, but thanks I suppose.
    But the "hat" was quite simple and basic… I mean, anyone could have made it.

    Anyways, your Marios are always cool.

  • I want his hat.

  • He’s not a cyclop!!! It’s a Spy!

  • Pako, You are the best Mario hacker. The only thing that could make this better IMO is If the mustache and buttons were removed.

  • Pim Pam Toma Lacasitos

  • The reason that the Cloud model is overrated is because it was hyped by the creators for weeks before it was released.

  • Is this the same model as Mafia Mario?

  • I thought u was gonna make Rick ross =/

  • Stack Smash being butthurt because they’ve STILL yet to do anything amazing recently. Meh, nothing new.

    Nice nigger though, says the black man posting. ¦D

  • I thought it was gonna be Indiana Jones…


    That looks less like an awesome fedora and more like a lame straw hat.

  • @Wave Kusanagi
    Anything amazing recently?
    Did you not see the new version of Metroid Trainer?

  • Yes I did. Your point? :3

  • @Wave: You know that YOU started the whole KCMM vs SS, right? Androu is just acting like he is, and insulting just the Cloud Ike hack, not the whole KCMM team…so technically the butthurt it’s you.

    Also, who needs fame here? we are fine as we are, just a band of guys who do texture hacks as a simple hobbie, and open for anyone who want to use or see them, and if no one likes those….the door it’s open…

    And it’s really sad how everyone, it’s focusing so much in vertex, and COMPLETY forgot about the quality, color, details of a good texture hack, and just leaving it with mere recolors, with copied renders with internet as CSP..

  • Hell yeah, Dhragen. Hell yeah.

    Cloud shouldn’t even be considered a KC-MM hack anyway. Akari_Un covered 90% of the model, right? It should be DasDonkey with SOME help from KC-MM, not the other way around :U

    btw: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJTBPdVpdMc

  • Me da hueva escribir en ingles:
    creo que hay mejores formas de criticar el trabajo de otros que no impliquen insultos y de forma constructiva, no solo rebajarlo al nivel de llamrlo mierda, esto claro, es muyinterpretado por muchos y lleva a una discucion sin sentido cada dos meses.
    Lo unico que sugiero, es: si te gusta, comenta, si no, bueno, sugiere que que es lo que puede cambiar, y si de a tiro no te gusta, pues dilo , no son monedas de oro como para que le gusten a todo el mundo, pero no lo llames mierda, sea quien sea, si son buenos, bueno, no fue su mejor trabajo, si son principiantes, bueno estan haciendo el intento, pero no degrades a los demas simplemente por querer exaltarte a ti mismo, creeme que ese tiro sale por la culata

  • oh, y esto no lo digo por mi cloud, eso me tiene sin cuidado no se preocupen, como dije no son moneditas de oro como paraque les guste a todo mundo, lo digo en general

  • Guys

    Cloud Ike looks quite neat and does its job perfectly

    Problem is, he has roughly the same potential for reskins as Ike

    IMO vertex hacks should expand a character’s potential, not just fit a single texture

  • @Dhragen

    Since when do I have enough credibility to start any drama? O_o

    I’m just a bored guy who’s killing time. I don’t remember starting anything. ¦D

    Nah, just kidding. I am the one that’s butthurt and likes penises up the ass. I love taking at least 10 penises up the ass at the same time, I enjoy it so much 😀

  • @Wave: if you are bored, then why you don’t go to 4chan so everybody can stay out of your crap??

  • Lulz he looks nothin like the Niggas i seen,i should know…im from Brooklyn.

  • @Wave: you’re the one that’s butthurt. In fact, you’re so butthurt that you think other people are butthurt because you don’t realize noone is butthurt but they look like they are butthurt to you, because you are butthurt. You got butthurt by a penis.

    I say, let’s move on and ignore the bad troll.

  • A ver si voy a tener que mandar al Tito MC para poner orden, ¿eh? Que es el que te focka y el que te parte la boca. Recordadlo.

  • Hmm, IMO a vertex hack doesn’t need to create many possibilities, just the one. If it does create many, that’s great! But it’s fine even if it doesn’t. I think of them like textures- if a texture is great, but really specific, that’s plenty. For example, the Charizard Ridley is great. It doesn’t open the door to many other textures, but that’s fine because it’s good enough on its own. Ne?

  • Speaking of reusing vertex hacks, you know that Scorpion vertex hack over at DasDonkey?
    WEll I think it’s got a lot of hidden potential, in fact, I think there’s more to it than meets the eye. 😉
    I’ll say no more, hopefully I have time to update today.

  • Everyone, stop this freaking drama already, we aren’t kids. >_>


    What are you trying to say? I just opened the file and I clearly see that it’s a vertex hack. Everything is exactly the same as Captain Falcon, except the helmet . I can see everything that proves that this is Captain Falcon, such as how textures are applied, and so on. The only thing that was changed was the helmet, and he made a custom eye on his face, like I did for my Ronald. So..I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say.

  • ChickenChaser: it gets rid of Captain Falcon, of course its got potential! (hurr)

    I can’t believe theres all this drama about Vertex hacks and such, this community really is 80% retarded

  • BigSharkZ
    For a man who likes to build hype, you are terrible for guessing hints.
    ‘More than meets the eye’ is a hint at what I’ve just finished on the Raiden vertex.

  • personalmente, prefiero usar el vertex hack como una herramienta, solo para acomodar detallitos, que ayudan a la textura, en otras palabras yo hago vertex hack para la textura, no alrevez

  • Seriously, I think this drama wouldn’t have occured if people actually took the time to inform themselves, and aknowledged there was a new version of the Cloud vertex, that one of the most interesting thing of the Cloud Project is to build an unique character, and that the unique moveset(s) (yes, there’s a pretty good new version I’m still playtesting) were done by members of the KCMM team (Canon98, then .Fade).

    I’m sorry if I may sound rude and give fuel to the SS VS KCMM drama, but seriously have you even taken into account the “suggestions” you asked us ? oÔ
    I don’t think that the guys at KCMM are being overworked or are doing much more works that their job lets them, and they are producing more quality textures and vertexes, have some actual big projects to show, and manage themselves enough to be able to actually >cooperate with other teams_>

    Seriously, it’s not against you either, Pako. But if I see one of your art on FurAffinity as an example, I don’t see your friends acting like the guys here, and say “Oh yeah, this is better than the shit Onta does. Look, this guy is advertising his website, that’s like, totally lame. Your works are better, Pako.” “Haters are gonna hate”.

    The first step toward respect is a bit of humility. Right now, I don’t see why any other team would agree to cooperate on something with you, since you’re not doing anything to try and have good relationships with them. How many of you guys do I even get to see once in a while on the KCMM boards ? Strangely, the ones I get to see are not the loudmouths here. -_-

    (And don’t even start me on WolfPack who decided “on his own” (?) to totally wreck our forum just before joining your team. We’re still in the uttermost fog about his motivations. :-?)

  • good vertex hack 🙂
    this opens a whole new world of posibilities for mario xD

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