Remember those days?

Those days when the greatest F-Zero racer, aka Captain Douglas J. Falcon, was also one of the greatest and fastest characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee?ย  Top-notch speed and raw power made him the Smash God that we all remember.

But in Brawl, things changed. New faces with new abilities joined the roster; and the evil hands of the development team, guided by a malevolent demon called “Sakurai,” brought to ruin the captain’s former glory…..

We of Stack Smash still remember those times, and we think those newcomers deserve a taste of Falcon’s true power!


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  • Attention to everyone asking if this is a series:

  • XD I LOVED THE MIDGET FALCON! meta falcon looks like a midget

  • This is what is known as WIN!

  • Pretty kool but meta Falcon does look creepy. Nice Sonic texture!

  • you should have made meta falcon without the face, and just his mask as falcon’s vizer (with no mouth). i expect a revamp soon

  • @rotomRASEGAN: No, the other falcons are supossed to wield a Helmet, but metaknight wears a FALCON MASK, Not a Falcon Helmet mask beacuse NOBODY half minded makes a Mask of a “Helmet” if you ask me, XDDDDDDDDD

    And second, he don’t needs revamp, i checked all his issues, i messed with him, including a lot of testing. And COME ON, the texture has an HILLAROUS quota, XDDDDDD

  • Love the sonic one

  • Metafalcon is epic

  • We need to see Captain Fink.

    Link+CF= almost Chuck Norris

  • Btw nice. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I like how you are building up more Sonic textures.

  • @Vyse-
    Sure, let’s play that game. If you even think tiers are even near Smash Bros. comprehension you sir are the one who’s ignorant. And it’s an internet meme calm down. Jeez, sensitive people these days >.>

    People who make these stupid tiers are like “Oh, this guy is good and this guy sucks”. And everyone has to agree on everything even if it isn’t true. Bunch of stubborn people if you ask me. All they do is argue over, and over, and over, and over.

    If I’m the bigot one, how come these tier makers are rebels to the fact that every char is equal and each player has the same chance of winning as the other? Everybody has their ups and downs. Who cares who’s stronger? It’s not like the outcome can be magically predicted by using tiers.

    It’s a game, dammit. Enjoy it. I bet there’s people who master chars that are in the lower tier who could kick arse if facing a top tier char. These “tier” makers are indeed bigot.

    Hence, ‘tiers are for queers’. Conversation over. Don’t bother replying here because I’m not going to look at this post again anyway unless if I feel like it…

  • Just curious, how often are characters uploaded to the Stuffz? Once a week, daily, ect?

  • @Lead

    You know nothing and understand even less.

  • Sonic is cool.

    MK is… D:

  • pretty pimped, im typing from my dsi right now, its my bday

  • …….

  • Falonchu + Falconpuff + Falconic + Falcon Knight + Port Town.


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  • LegendOfNikkonolasco

    For the Sonic one, I am in awe at the Arial Attack…

    It is perfection.

  • COME ON, BLUE SONIC. Oh wait…

    Brawl is epic on its own. Everyone becoming Captain Falcon has just made Brawl surpass every meaning of the word “epic”. SUPER SMASH BROS FALCON. IT HAS SURPASSED EPICNESS.

    Now to the topic at hand.

    Captain Sonic is cool enough, however Falcon Knight is…well guys, let’s just say you reinvented the meaning of the word epic.

  • i wonder who will be falconized next

  • Wow. Speechless

  • Get rid of the nose and mouth on metaknight and hell actually look pretty cool.

  • Hahahahaha, these are one of the most awesome textures you guys ever made ๐Ÿ˜€

    This one is going on my fav.list ๐Ÿ˜›

  • metafalcon G~tier can now offically stand for god tier

  • These are the first textures I’m getting when I get the chance. Btw, Meta Falcon looks like he’s wielding Soul Edge :O

  • Meta Falcon is the best thing ever, but will still give me many nightmares.

  • Guys Sakurai Isn’t Evil You Idiots & Nintendo’s Leader Is Miyamoto Not Sakurai! Sakurai Is Hal Labs’ Leader!

  • Dude Meta falcon is so fugly! Yet I love it and I downloaded it bc its so funny haha

  • Meta Knight looks creepy… XD

  • for meta knight, you should have chuck norris instead of captain falcon

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