Waluigi, Waluigi…

Ah, yes, Waluigi. Wario noticed he didn’t have someone to parallel Luigi for him, so, he decided to “acquire”  a thin slave from the slums of Sarasaland for the upcoming tennis tourney and later ventures in crime. Like racing go-karts. Waluigi, up until now, had been sneaking food from Wario. Wario found out being the handsome entrepeneur he is that 75% of his food was missing. As a punishment, Wario decided to stop feeding Waluigi. Now all the food he has is some rotten tacos from the taco stand Wario forces him to run out of his chambers. This resulted in Waluigi going from the portly Fat Waluigi made by BirdPerson to this thin and more accurate Waluigi made by S.  So crotch-chop for a new Waluigi hack. Crotch-chop now! (am I good at creative origin stories or what)

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