Travis Touchdown

From the deeps of Santa Destroy comes our favorite “hero” (more like ANTI-hero).He comes loaded in to kick some freaking ass! Get near him and all you will get is DEATH!

Yes,he even is wearing an M.O.E  t-shirt!

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  • Gawd I loved that game. If it was possible to change how items looked, you could probably make a mean Bad Girl retexture of Peach, lol. If only…

  • this hardy looks like him….no offence…….but i think another character like ike(if used with invisible textures maybe???)would look more like the actual character……not that i could do better….grat job though

  • Majora's Masked Man

    Just add shades like the ones on Agent j AND THIS WILL BE AWESOME!

  • im the one who asked for this

  • This is awesome It looks alot like him I find

  • It doesn’t look too much like him… the T-shirt yes, but not really the short kiddy body and face… not like we could change the actual portraits, but its Nintendo’s fault for not putting such an awesome wii main character in.

  • Happy Birthday Travis! 😀

    Now make a red Beam Sword to match his beam katana from the upcoming new game (No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle).

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