Monthly Archive for January, 2011

Some More Items

I’ve decided that whenever I make new items I’ll just update with them right away instead of waiting to make a pack.

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Everyone needs a costume, right?

Here comes the first ever vertex hack for Mr. Game and Watch

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More items

Here’s version 2 of my item pack. I wanted to do more with one of the items before releasing this but I guess this is good enough for now.

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BP Needs Knowledge

Hey hey. I’ve been creating some stages lately (two, neither are finished, both are awesome). I got a question for anyone who knows: How could I change the framerate of a stage’s animation? Both stages I’m working on are going to have 2-D animations that would be a whole lot easier to do if I could slow it down.

Second question: How do I make a stage’s animation loop? This, I need for obvious reasons.

Don’t leave me hangin’ if you can help me out! What’s in it for you? I could… stick your name in one of the stages as a secret easter egg, or something… and fill it up with blue rupees

Zee Emperor

Well, this one took me a while to do. This is a request by Tabithia from Between me being lazy, stuff coming up, random issues with the texture and me doing something wrong this one took a long while. It’s Tabithia’s Emperor!

Tabithia first requested it like 3 months ago (I know, it’s lame it took me 3 months to do this). Similar to RDF’s Squall, Tabithia requested that the download isn’t public. Doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t look at it and maybe think “I would like to have that” or something. But enough talking, here are the SCREENSHOTS (pictures were taken by Tabithia)

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