Update (a bridged version)

I stylized Bridge of Eldin. More spotty grass, more spotty rocks, fewer blinding sunsets.

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  • Now we need someone to real-ify Pirate Ship. Heh heh…

  • purplecatgowoof

    Very sxc BP

  • Nice. And, I agree with BP: make the Pirate Ship realistic.

  • I can’t read. I can’t read AT ALL.

  • A bridged? Bad-um, Tssh.

    Fifth, and a great texture. I love these SMAAAASH textures.

  • awesome XD
    my favorite SMAAAASH texture is SMAAAASH Squirtle
    he´s awesome XD
    awesome work
    make SMAAAASH pirateship

  • make a pirates of the caribbean pirate ship, with the skull and crossbones they use on the flag

  • At this rate, you could turn our comics into a machinima.

  • Bonzai has a good idea yo!
    Nice, now the bridge of eldin doesn’t look boring! By the way…did you do anything to that goblin dude?

  • Oh wow, this is brilliant.

    BTW, are youe ever planning to make a comic using snapshots of your smaaaash hacks?

  • What does King Bulbin look like?

  • This is bueatiful…

  • Where the hell’s Hyrule Castle?

    Other than that, awesome.

  • kinda like windwaker hyrule XD

  • we need me to die of AIDS

  • ^ Yes, I agree.

  • WPS: I have thought of that, since I have used varying art styles before… the lossiness of the screenshots might be rough.

    Zephiel: He looks awful. I’m not gonna lie.

    Metallix Knight: it’s there. I didn’t even realize that it didn’t make it into any of the pictures.

  • this looks too similar to my super mario bridge.

    offcourse, i only say this because im an attention whore an i want it up the ass :O


  • Bird Person puts forth awesomeness once again. I hope every stage gets a SMAAAASH!! makeover.

  • @triforcejosh:

    shhhh…. don’t let my secret out. 😛

  • You should make a Michael Jackson and Billy Mays textures since they died recently (Both had their dicks up my ass :O)

  • Link is upset you took the realism from the stage. You should take him to Vikingland.

  • Aweswome stuff, I love this series.

  • Haha, pretty nice.

  • But… it was the blinding sunset that made it look epic in a majority of shots… D:

    Still neat, though.

  • I never really liked that they chose a permanent sunset. Twilight Princess was a pretty game, and I find it was a poor choice to only represent its field almost entirely orange and brown. However, the sunset is kind of nice in its own way. The stage should have changed to match the time of day like Smashville. I would gladly have made three times the sky textures.

  • lololololol puns. I actually think it looks really nice in your style. It’s so colourful and cheerful as opposed to it’s original form.


    …wow, that make me sound like a sarcastic jackass. i like the stage, though.

  • @ BP:

    I agree. Infact, one of my pals made a Morning Bridge not too long ago. Sunsets are awesome, but not if you have to look at the every. Single. Fight.

  • What we need is an SD code that makes the game load textures from the SD card…

    …but can check for a folder in place of a texture file (example, a folder called “STGFZERO” inside the “melee” folder instead of the file STGFZERO.pac)

    The PACs inside are chosen at random. That way you can have multiple alternate textures for any stage, just like with characters. The obvious problem being the inability to choose…

    It would probably only reload when you went back to the main menu, but that’d be better than nothing.

    I’m not a technical guy though… I wouldn’t know where to begin. If there are Brawl coders reading this, or friends, mafia partners, pets thereof, put the idea in their ears… If it worked it’d be awesome.

  • @BP: I like your idea, however, it cannot work. The game specifically looks for that .pac file, and would crash if it wasn’t found (via sd card it would just default to the one on the disc). If the Wii was coded in such a way that it knew to compile a .pac (similar to the way we compile them on the computer) straight from the .tga’s that we give it, then it may be possible.

    But my computer hates creating them, so I’m not holding my breath on my Wii cooperating on it too. Heh.

  • When Are You Making SMAAAASH!! R.O.B. & SMAAAASH!! Mr. Game & Watch & SMAAAASH!! Sonic? Then You Can Make SMAAAASH!! Green Hill Zone & SMAAAASH!! Flat Zone 2! & Don’t Forget SMAAAASH!! Olimar & SMAAAASH!! Distant Planet!

  • @Spore Boy:

    He’s NOT doing a SMAAAASH!! & Watch. He said so himself. Don’t remember which update.

  • Some of the stage textures comes with the right name while some don’t. How do I know what to call them?

  • For this one in particular, it’s STGOLDIN.pac. That’s right not Eldin, OLDIN.

    Errrrmmm… I’m sure there’s a list of stage PAC names somewheres…

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