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GUESS WHO????!!!+update

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It’s-a me, BP. This update is just to let you know, I updated the hacks list/roster page/download place. And, luckily, most of them actually have downloads this time. And you can finally get Fox McClown, Hulk Davidson and Dr. Horrible (though I think I must have accidentally deleted his red, end-of-movie costume).

I don’t have any new textures (or model hacks) to show you (yet) but all the work I had to do to update the hacks list… should prove that I still care. I’ll be making head-burstingly insane texture hacks again before you know it.

Also, while I agree that a place like BrawlVault is perfectly sensible as a place you can go to find links to textures more easily, I do not get the fucking point of linking to BrawlVault from Stack Smash.

Look, a Brawl hack on Stack Smash. *clicks download*
Look, a Brawl hack on Brawl Vault. *clicks download*
Look, the name of a Brawl Hack on MediaFire. *clicks download*
Look, a “sign up for MediaFire pro or wait one minute” page. *waits one minute*
Look, the download button. *clicks download*
Look, a message asking where I want to save this file. *clicks save* *waits for the download to finish*
What the HELL, man. A banal process like this is an insult to everyone who even has to think about it! So instead of that I just linked the downloads from the list directly to the MediaFire/MegaUpload/whatever page. In the end I can only remove the second step, but my fellow satellite users will probably appreciate that…

Also, please don’t make a joke about British Petroleum. I’ve heard enough of them and they’re almost as terrible as the problem itself.

Awww look at the little baby, Aren’t you cute. Where’s your mommy?

I’m not a little baby, I’m Guybrush Threepwood Mighty Pirate!

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sail into the vast sea, young toon link

vertex hacks suck, right?

It’s been a while since I’ve just done a plain texture edit. I don’t care if some things were hexed off, I still consider this just a texture hack.

Outset Link wearing a hat is pretty rad.

Epic Beard Man? nah.. even better..


yeah, it’s bill.

Credit to mariokart64n (model)

Brawl hacking just got a little more homo

because tony’s here now

from earthbound

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Vampire Yoshi

This needs some work so I’ll improve It soon. I didn’t want to release It now, But I can’t hold off the release anymore.

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Forgotten site? No. Forgotten character? Yes.

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Grass grows, birds fly, PAVGN recolors Game & Watch.

I worked fucking hard on this one, and I ain’t letting no un-shaven 20 year old get away with it. This texture’s for you Dhragen.

Hat vertex’d by ShadowSnake.

Stack Smash Isn’t Dead

Not If I say so. This place need help so I’ll be making most my stuff exclusive to this site for a while. This will also be the last time I update both here and Elite Smash Hackers with the same thing (At least for a while). This is what I’d like to call my “Das Donkey Team quality Mr. Game & Watch pack”.  Continue reading ‘Stack Smash Isn’t Dead’