GFs from past and future

Familiar with the comics? Familiar with the Sonic cartoons? Then you may know Sonic’s ex-girlfriend, Sally Acorn.

Not only she joins the fray! Amy Rose, a woman determined to have Sonic to be her sex-slave husband, enters the Brawl!

Be on your toes, Sonic. The women are after you!

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  • @NICK:

    LOL. I made that post as a joke and forgot about it. Great reaction, my friend. I was mostly poking fun at the people that always say you have too many. Great work.

  • Mario & Sonic Guy

    @NICKtendo DS

    I guess it’s understandable why you didn’t edit Peach’s parasol. Of course, I did edit it when I got your download.

    On a side note, I do leave Mario’s F.L.U.D.D. and Fox’s Blaster alone when I do textures for them. Peach’s parasol is one of the few texture objects that I will edit.

  • SonicUnderground316

    Maybe you can try the “Sonic CD Amy” on Sonic and ZSS as Sally and the regular samus as a swatbot disguise. P.S: Honestly the only character i see as sally in the nintendo universe is Krystal too bad ( and i mean really bad) she is not in brawl but i wonder can you edit the trophy from the trophy gallery if so can you try sally as Krytal just to see what it may look like?

  • Hmm… well i like it. Yeah i agree with ^^ that woulda been bad ace

  • omg i love sally acorn AWESOME Job!!!

  • I got the complete first season lol!

  • SonicUnderground316

    i just got an idea i already suggest you ZSS as Sally but maybe by using the model hack (partial size hack) this could fit even more. Making her proporsional to Sonic size i think it might work.

  • No.
    Peach is and looks better.

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