For today’s update, we have two things that would make Cosby proud. Yes, it’s the POGEYMANS! The first one is Blue, rival to Red aka Playable PT. Dhragen handled this one. The second one is a completely new Raichu, now actually accurate compared to the old one Phreeq made due to increased knowledge of Pikachu’s textures. Behold the power of the thunderstone! Androu took on this midget Raichu. Grab your Pokeball, go catch some LM4s and Missingnos, and get ready for some POGEYMANS!


  • haha oh wow :3

  • Marian of Scarlet

    Whee! Raichu! It doesn’t look bad, so me likey


  • 4th epic win for blue!

  • Pokemon Fossil Guy


  • Qth

  • Red is to Blue as Ness is to Lucas. Excellent work, Dhragen! PokéNess definitely needed a counterpart, and this is it! I’m not sure if this fits into the realm of dopplegängers, but it’s still a great rendition! And great work on the Raichu as well, Androu! Definitely looks a lot more like him now! Hopefully there’s going to be a battle soon between PokéNess and Bluecas (name in progress), because those two deserve it! It’s an everlasting rivalry that can only be settled personally!

  • wow,that looks good
    +1 awesome points

  • Oh, yeah. First person to call him Gary DIES.

  • Ghost of WEDGE: Hmm i wonder who could hav shot me? It definitely wasnt Jim…


  • I find it incredible how different lucas can look from another texture of himself.

  • Is this basiclally a sequal to playable PT or a refference to MOTHER trainer?

  • IT’S BLUE! 😀

  • Maybe it’s the light of the thunder, but I remember Raichu a shade or two darker. Other than that, nice.

  • Those eyes are beast. Howd you do it?

  • I always named him asshole xD

  • Me liekz the new Raichu. Raichu always has owned pika.

  • Poor SS Pikachu. Born an oversized Pichu, grows up as a normally-sized Pikachu, grows up to be an undersized Raichu.

    I like Dhragen’s RED and BLUE. I’ve always preferred Pokémon’s EarthBoundy overworld sprites to the anorexic in-battle ones. And RED, as Ness, smiles as a humble protagonist should, while BLUE, being Lucas, is locked in the scowl and frown that the overzealous and edgy antagonist should have.

  • ahah!

    took another one of my ideas, i see ;P

  • raichu looks alot sleeker now. Nice


    (Strictly in a Making-texture-hacks kind of way).

  • Awesome updates but it annoys me when Pokemon fanboys go “FUCK IT’S RED NOT ASH WHY DON’T YOU FUCK YOURSELF FUCK YOU! RED NOT ASH BLUE NOT GARY IT MAKES SO MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!”


  • Isn’t Raichu’s ears more brownish then they are black? o-o Or am I remembering wrong…?

  • Cool!

    I really like the new Raichu!

    Incidentally, in my “Pokemon Yellow” and “LeafGreen” games, I named my rival “Gary” ’cause that’s what he’s called in the anime. 🙂 (On a side note, I think Hippochinfat, strong language aside, makes a good point. ;-))

    P.S. – Kinda off-topic, but I want to see you guys make more Marth skins. My favorite prince needs more love here!

  • LM4s and Missingnos ahhh the good ol days…

    now we have to use actionreplays and whatnot

  • Awesome. Now that’s a Blue skin and Raichu skin.


  • *catches some MissingNos*

    The first one’s hard. The others aren’t, what with more than a hundred Master Balls and all. Good ol’ days, with the Rare Berry glitch, MissingNos and stuff. Not the penis-headed dragons of now (*cough*Palkia*cough*)

    Anyways, enough reminding. Back to the action.

    Green looks amazingly close to the actual one (of course much shorter and with more believable, yet impossible still, hair, due to Lucas). Equipped with Arcanine’s Flamethrower, Alakazam’s Shock Wave, Gyarados’ Ice Beam and Exeggutor’s Barrier, he’s ready to fight against his sworn enemy, the mute hobo Red…

    Moving to Raichu.

    Of course, size-wise, it’s too short, and it may be a bit on the fat side, but it’s as close as one can get to a Raichu in Brawl. Amazing colouring right there. It’d be my main Pikachu…but I still prefer the bandanna.

  • I think that Raichu could be WAAAAAAY better. First, his tail needs to be thinner at the base to about the center. then you need to make him a little taller, and meaner looking. Other than that, it’s okay.

  • Oh yes. Riachu needs to be more orange. I now await Riachu Version 3!!!

  • Hey Dhragen, did you get the idea for the lucas rival from me in the suggestions?

    just curious.

  • FYI if you really want to get anal about that, his name is Green and not Blue. But really I prefer to just call him Gary Motherfucking Oak.

  • Where do you click to download these?

  • Next to the update and below the search bar, you’ll find a listing of “Links”, “RELEASED CONTENT”, “Stack Smash”, “Archives”, and “DONATE!” You might want to click on the link under “RELEASED CONTENT”.

  • I’ve corrected the ears to be a little bit closer to the actual character design. It’s darn near perfect for what you’ve got to work with. I also modified the tummy fur as it was bleeding around on the back of the texture a little. Many people are clamoring for more orange, but I think the color’s perfect, so I didn’t touch that. If you want to publish my work or at least see it, shoot me an email and I’ll send you my .pac, .pcs, and my updated source targa. I didn’t keep the psd as I’m happy with it and don’t plan on changing it. Oh, I’ve got a pretty screen too if you want to see that.

  • Update: Forgot to mention, the previous post is intended specifically for the author. To those who think the orange isn’t rich enough, it’s important to note that the screenshots sometimes suffer from a bit of wash-out. For a good comparison, look at the picture with both pikachu and raichu. If you’ll notice, pikachu doesn’t appear to be his normal deep yellow in that picture. Imagine how the model looks in-game and apply that to the raichu image. In-game, it looks very nice.

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