SPOILER Commander Lucas & Dhrag’s Unmasked

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  • FIRST time I see a page without a description.

  • Aww, no picture captions.
    I just noticed.

  • Nice.
    Also LAST

  • That update looks … a bit rushed, doesn’t it ?

    Care to expand a little for the ones who never played Mother 3 ? What is this “Commander Luacs” ?

  • I just finished Mother 3 today, and it was ****ing Epic!!

    To anyone who has not played the Mother 3 English translation, do so now!! Trust me, you won’t regret it, just make you play it all the way till the end.

    Thanks for the awesome textures Dhragen. 🙂

  • Sorry for the double post, but I guess the is lack of a description is because he didn’t want to give too much away for those who have not played it yet.

    Just a guess 😛

  • This works surprisingly well, but was Lucas’s commander outfit really a different colour?

  • Epic pics. Thanks for not spoiling it.

  • Pretty sweet…

  • Haha, I did the same thing to Lucas once Dhragen released Masked Man. XD

    Nice work.

  • I’m a BIG fan of MOTHER and I admit that this
    is AWESOME. Well done! XD

  • LegendOfNikkonolasco

    I haz Mother 3 in English on mah Wii.

    I win. =P


  • Them’s some epic picture captions right thar.

  • @ hotemario they DO WHAT THEY FUXING WANT

  • Even without captions, the pics are pretty epic. Nice textures, Dhragen.

    These do look decent.

  • In the last pic It looks like Rope Snake is trying to blow the Unmasked Man.

    (Sorry, I’m just sick minded freak.)

  • Very nice texture you got there.
    Are you going to release them soon?

  • @LegendOfNikkonolasco: *sarcastic claps* *rolls eyes*

    @PAVGN: yeah, I thought that too. Dhragen kept denying it.


    I kind of forgot about the game (Finished it when the patch was out) but I remember how you get that suit.

    When you’re in the base, the pig masks think that you are Claus so they call you Commander. Lucas wears Claus’ clothes and your team members wear Pig masks.

    I don’t remember much but that’s what happened 😛

  • Also, extremely awesome. I still prefer the Ness one, though. FTW =D

    Btw, sorry for advertising but I updated with 9 textures XD.

  • Thanks for the résumé, BigSharkZ. 🙂

  • what the heck is this? I’m not from Japan so it doesn’t mean any thing to me. Boo.

  • These textures are amazing. You are amazing. I wish I were so amazing…


  • @Miacis

    No problem 😛

    @TK 421

    Japan has nothing to do with this. Epicness does.

    You fail for not knowing MOTHER 3.

    @Hotel Mario


  • Okay to those who haven’t played Mother 3 here are some spoilers

    Masked man is Claus (Lucas’s twin bro)who went to go kill a mecha drago (Metallic dinosaur) who killed their mom but failed and was mortally wounded. Later he was found by the pigmasks (Porky’s army) and they realized he knew PK Love. PK Love was needed to pull these seven needles (As seen as one of Lucas’s victories in Brawl) to reveve a dragon that would remake the Earth depending on how good or evil the person’s heart was. They brainwashed Claus and made him evil and trained him and shit. Well one day lucas and co. went to go find their lost hummingbird egg (which contained confidential secrets about the world) in one of the pigmask’s facilities. Since Lucas is Claus’s twin they mistakened Lucas for Claus and gave him the commander uniform which they used to deceive the pigmasks and infaltrate the area.

  • BTW When will this be released?

  • @Andy:Don’t ruin the story for everyone! >:O

    Btw Mother 3 was amamzzmzmzazmznazainignigng
    And awesome textures
    I don’t remember Lucas’ commander clothing being a different color
    I’ll check it!

  • Lucas and Ness textures look like the same, the same boy from a typical RPG game with magic shit and boring stories

  • Hotel Mario,

    >Lucas and Ness textures look like the same
    >the same boy from a typical RPG game
    You must get your eye sight checked immediately.

    >magic shit
    Hahahaha. It’s called PSI for god’s sake. PKStarstormΩ to you.

    >boring stories

  • I haven’t even PLAYED Mother 3, and it sounds like one of the best games in hystory! Strangely, though, that fact doesn’t put me in any more of a hurry to play it…

  • Haha do PJs for Lucas next :p

  • @Hotel Mario You fail

    So, has anyone found a way to trim out the extra part of Ness’s hat? Y

  • Release these textures before I rape Androu1 in the eye!

  • Dhragen’s unavailable. Don’t know when he’ll get back.

    If you want to rape Androu in the eye anyway, though, go ahead!

    I should add screenshot captions while I’m here…

  • Lol, For someone who isn’t the leader of the team BP, You sure seem like one. I guess that’s one of the reasons why your my favorite member of Stack Smash.

  • Who The F*** Is Commander Lucas?!?!

  • Whatever happened to making everyone into Captain Falcon?
    Those were my favorites :[[

  • @DrBanxon: Stack Smash Is Now Obsessed With EarthBound. They Should Change Their Name To “Stack Mother Smash”.

  • Good Idea 😀

  • Awesome, when is it gonna be released? And yeah, Ness and Lucas’s PJs would be a good one, and real easy, I’m guessing, since they’re just stripes. No real way to give em messy hair, though 😛

  • This is epic. MOTHER3 was probabbly one of my all-time favorite RPG I ever played. I am even putting Drhagen’s masked man ness textured model on Pikachu and replacing voices and making masked man XD

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