Just a teaser…

Not really, I hate those >:(

Anyways, I made Zack Fair, on the newly released Cloud by KCMM & Das Donkey.  Enjoy.

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  • A texture on a texture. MY GOD WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO

  • Yo dawg, I heard you like textures, so I made a texture for a texture, so you can brawl while you brawl.

  • According to the comparison pictures, it looks like the only thing you changed was the hair color o_O

  • Makes me sad that they completely left me out of this, even after asking for my team’s logo, and agreeing on me working on the project. >_>

  • I was going to do this. XD

    Thanks in any case. ^^

  • @ BSZ : If there’s a problem with it, I guess it would be better to ask it somewhere we have a chance of answering you.
    Like KCMM’s blog or forum.

    We don’t really check the SS’s comments looking for info about Cloud. -_-‘

  • Oh man I love where this is going. people made textures on normal things because they didn’t like the colors. NOW we have textures on other textures because, fuck knows, they’re bored, haha!

  • @hotdogturtle
    Actually if you look, stripes were added to the clothes. And the pants are different colors.

  • WTF is with the hair
    Maybe it’s just me… D:

  • @S
    Nah, I think there’s something wierd about it too… I just can’t quite pinpoint what…
    Anyway, I was relieved you guys weren’t actually doing a teaser. You guys are probably one of the few teams that doesn’t taunt us with stuff we can’t have lol

  • I’VE been taunted with stuff I can’t have. There’s still no download link for Phreeq’s Crash Bandicoot texture.

  • Well if you look at Zack and Cloud, they are almost pretty identical, except for the hair. But I did change everything (though it may not look like it) except for the skin and sword.

  • @Miacis

    I did ask a few times, on both KC-MM and MSN.

  • @ S

    Its legit, and looks awesome from far away, but looks like a disaster upclose.

  • Hey guys, long time no see. Looks like the texture hacking community has come a long way since I last checked it out. I like these new model hacks. May not be fully polished, but it’s definitely really awesome. Wish I had the time to do these, but after I did two I decided with college it’s too time consuming haha. Keep up the awesome work.

  • I say it’s because the hair is too tall and messy, I still love this model though.

  • i do like this muchly so and would like to dl as soon as there is one available…….but since there isn’t!

  • @BSZ
    Didn’t you say you made some animations or something? That was the last I heard when you mentioned it on ESH. Maybe they’ll credit you when the PSA is released.

  • where’s the download?

  • HOLY CRAP! Stack smash evolved into super awesomer stack smash!

  • yeah and BSZ was real mature… go check out kittycorp’s link on esh, you’ll see….

  • Cause Cloud with black hair is so awesome rite

  • @Uncle0wnage

    May I know what the fuck you are talking about? For one, I am far, far, FAR more mature than you are, and second, before judging people and jumping to crappy conclusions without any proof makes you even more retarded. So shut up before saying such crap.

  • Download is in the Released content as always. And expect a v2 of this sometime.

  • Hey, maybe you guys should actually look at the texture before saying the only difference is the hair. Their subtle, but present nonetheless.

  • V2 fixes compatibility with DK, Lucario, and Zamus. We’re also working on his hair, along with a few other enhancements. Download will be available in the next couple of days.

    I love the texture by the way. Looks good! ^_^

  • @ BSZ :

    Where ? Where did you ask on KCMM ? Somewhere that I can’t see ?
    You didn’t comment either the blog entry or on the boards.

    How am I supposed to know ?

    I’ll ask Jack once I see him on MSN. You didn’t get any clear answer ? (YES/NO)
    Then I guess I’ll have to get it myself.

  • @Miacis: I’ve spoken with BSZ about the situation. No need to lather it up on SS’s comments. 🙂

  • I wonder about this community sometimes, anyway, this is actually my first time seeing the Cloud model (been missing for a couple days :P) and uh, congrats to KC:MM for making an awesome Cloud, and CatGoWoof for making my fave FF character 😛

  • Jack you need to be in #kcmm more

  • I just realized this, but using this exact hack (model and texture), if you make the hair yellow (and a few other small mods), you have z-sword gohan.

  • where do i download cloud @?????

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