Double Update: Here it comes, the original virus hoster….

Well, you see, Sigma’s assailant actually gave him the virus which corrupted him. He’s Dr. Wily’s prototype robot Zero. Dr. Wily planned to re-activate him in the future, but he died before his plans could come to fruition. Far in the future, he was re-awakened, corrupted by the maverick virus Dr. Wily created and implanted in his circuitry. Sigma was his mentor, a great virus hunter. The virus was awakened and it soon decided Zero was a bad host. So it jumped to Sigma and Zero became good. Now he trains with X to fight off the maverick onslaught. Which he started. Fresh baked pics here! Get your fresh pics!

8 Responses to “Double Update: Here it comes, the original virus hoster….”

  • Back of shield is WOOD.

  • @luigiman1925:lrn2useureyes, its not wood, Sheesh, You are blinked or you didn’t nothice in Zero’s body that yellow parts with balck outlines?? . Well, that things are typical in Megaman X and u can see them in builders, armors and some chracters of the game, and i used that detil on Zero’s Shield Design

    Also, Fill it red?? no thanks, i like to adaptate my work with the model. Also, WHY THREE TRIANGLES ALWAYS MEAN TRIFORCE?? Nintendo don’t created the idea of a Triangle-ish structure anyway. (Also the “triagle thing” have the black stripes anyway…

  • Make his sword invisible, since Zero’s sword only becomes visible when he’s slashing!

  • Sweet! More Megaman characters!

  • Sheesh, no need to get angry.

  • possibly the BEST texture EVER

  • Shouldn’t you make his sword green? Since it WAS green in the games?

  • @JrDude: its not green, its WHITE with a green glow. the problem was…….i tried to put semi transparency on the sword to looks like a energy saber, but the game dont allow semi transparency and make some parts fully visible and others fully transparent, and thats why you can’t see the green, but i already fixed that.

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