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Somebody stuffed Marill full of helium…

So we made Marill as a custom costume. GOTTA KETCHUP AAAAAAAALL POH-KAY-MAWN. Onto the update.

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Thy elder of Koopas!

Today comes an obscure character that noone ever knew of (since he’s an original creation,off course).
This is King Bowser’s dad.Yes,he may be old,but he’s ready to kick some ASS!

I sure hope Bowser isn’t angry at him,tho.He is an overprotective father,or so we where told.But,he comes to kick ass,so I doubt he will take care of his son at all…

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Today we have a texture that was originally intended to be CD-i Link, but it didn’t turn out exactly as planned. Me and Androu had a debate as to the official name of it, but we didn’t reach a decision. We leave the naming up to you, the viewer, as to the name of this orange haired crusader. Pics time!


Enter the bird’s mouth to get to the next level…WHAT?!? IT’S FIGHTING?!?

Well, apparently Hawkmouth from SMB2 grew legs and got uppity! Well, I guess we’ll just have to make due. You defeated Birdo, Mouser, and countless others. I’m sure you can handle this guy as well. And, yes, we’re back. Didn’t take too long eh? Now for your fix for today.

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We will be back…VERY soon!

So people,as you may know,my Wii is bust’d! BUT NO MORE! I just got a call telling me to go look for it,since it’s now fix’d! This pretty much means that there WILL be a update for tonight if everything goes down smoothly.

Thanks for the support during this updateless time (which we feared would be longer,but we are pretty lucky)

The problem with my Wii was that the modchip block’d itself (I dunno why it does that) so I pretty much had to get the modchip changed.But I don’t care as long as it works 😀

EDIT: got my Wii back already!

The d00d that fix’d my Wii said I’m LUCKY my Wii didn’t burn! Apparently,the modchip I had was a crappy faulty one,made to last like 2 months or so…

All they had to do was take the old chip out and put a new one in.The new one is pwnzome,too.It seems to work way better than the other one.For one,some games didn’t show up in the Disc Channel (like all our texture burns,for example) but now they work flawlessly.

Update delay? Madness!

Now, because of technical problems, we might not be able to update for a little while. Androu’s Wii broke, so we can’t take any more update pictures. Now, don’t get me wrong, we have many just waiting to be shown off with many many more on the way, but we can’t supply PICS NAO. Fear not, as Androu’s sent his Wii in for repair a few days, so it shouldn’t be too long? Right? Right? Well, we have another top-secret project in the pipe that I’m sure you’ll love, so all is not lost. Check back every day for updates. Hope this doesn’t dissolve interest. Wish us the best!

Evolution. Can you believe it’s shunned by Christians?

I mean, just take a look at this feat of evolution. It happened in seconds. Aaanyway, for today, we have another texture by Phreeq. It’s for the good ol’ electric rat.  Thunderstones pwn, unlike kidney stones. I wonder what would happen if you used a kidneystone on a Pokemon? It would evolve into Sodachu? Anyway, here we go, onto the update.

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Smooooth. (and stealthy)

So, apparently Snake has decided to wear a bright orange suit. I’m sure he sticks out like broad daylight in Shadow Moses but he’s Snake, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. Update we go! (P.S. Sorry for the lateness. I’ve been completely engulfed in Wario Land Shake It)

Also, this costume almost didn’t make it. It took me convincing Androu that it turned out good (which took days) for it to reach your eyes. Hope you enjoy it.

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Color combinations; all important.

So, Zelda has gotten a color makeover. And Sheik isn’t exempt too. Dark Blue and Orange are the new blacks. This was a request by Deidara from back from before this team even existed. Of course, he only requested the Zelda…but we ain’t leaving Sheik like a uncostumeized rascal! To ze update we go!

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Dark Matter’d Penguins = Evil

We all know Dark Matter,right? And we all know King Dedede,right? And we all know Dark Matter Dedede,right? Well,this isn’t Dark Matter Dedede.This is a more powerfull posession.You can’t get Dark Matter out of Dedede by just beating the crap out of him this time around.

No,Dark Matter is now staying inside Dedede for the greater bad.

What do you think? “Less chat,more pics!”? Mmm…thank Dedede for reading your mind.

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