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BREAKING NEWS! Phantom Wings invents true custom movesets.

Even though Phoenix Mario is broken, it’s still pretty amazing. I give it 2 days after the program comes out for someone to release a completely accurate Mewtwo moveset. Count on it. Or at least a bad one.
Also, VISIT THE IRC CHAT. You can make discussion about texture hacking and stuff. It’s great! All your favorite SS team members are there. Talk with Androu and BP, and get in an internet war with BigSharkZ! Ask us questions and stuff. SO GO TO THE IRC CHAT. JESUS.
And go to the SCHC too.
And don’t be a school, stay in fool! I think that’s right…

Music Tool Update (again)!

Several of you have reported issues with the latest version of Androu’s brstm tool. Well, the god that is Androu has heard your prayers and has bestowed upon ye this holy patch. Go forth, replace the current Start.bat in your folder with the one in this rar, and produce many brstms.


May Androu be with you. (Watching you sleep, probably. Or touching you inappropriately if you’re a hot girl.)

G.I.A.N.T. E.G.G.

What? Another Billy Hatcher? But didn’t Androu make one already?

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Nick’s work of great justice for Stage Builder

You’ve seen it before in the Protoman update. It’s the new nature theme for Stage Builder I’d like to call “Generic Grassland”. Well, I was going for that, but it turned out to be something usable for forest/jungle levels aswell.

The walls of the blocks are from the original, but aren’t used. The wood and grass are photographed and photoshopped by me. The background is a random photo I picked from Google.


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You’ve met the Blue Bomber, now meet his brother!

It’s Protoman!

No no no, it’s not Captain Falcon this time.

I’ve edited this from Dhragen’s Mega Man and took a couple of times to get it right, mainly because of the positioning on the cap. This resulted in a Protoman that fits Dhragen’s Mega Man way better than the Captain Falcon one.

If you don’t believe me, let me show you:

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More series? More Jigglypuffs? Today is horrible.

You thought the Fancy series was dead? Wrong-o. You thought I would draw Jigglypuff with big eyes? Wrong again!

Fancy Jigglypuff and SMAAAASH!! Jigglypuff are here to fly around and sing and stuff like that.

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Red Flame… Green Thunder.

The Mario Bros. in their alternate get-ups… and, in one’s case, alter ego!

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Attack of the Koopa Kids!

No, not the ones from Mario Party, either.

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Further progression with Melee hacking~

Progress to be noted.

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Killer, killer! She’s a killer!

Killer, killer! Kille-e-e-e-e-e-eeeer!

Killer Instinct character #3 enters the fray: Black Orchid!
She was sent by a secret organisation to destroy Fulgore 3.
Here’s the pictures taken during her mission. Top seeeeecret! :O

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