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Seriously, guys, just give it up. We gave you a reason multiple times why EE’s patch won’t get to the public, but you still keep beating this dead horse with a whip and a sledge. Let me guess what you think, cynical EE horse beater, Elvis is still alive? 9/11 was a conspiracy? Teady, for keeping this bull alive long, I salute you. You know absolutely jack when it came to the project, I don’t see you helping the team through the final stretches, having the patch, being close friends with all of the team members. You didn’t do any of those things, yet you’re still using your name recognition to push lies on people who don’t know any better. That’s kind of sad. To everyone, Teady knows absolutely nothing about what happened, she is DEFINITELY not a credible source. Also, there’s paying tribute to the team, that’s one thing, but when people come here and whine and moan about how we suck, EE’s the greatest, we’ll never live up to them, etc etc etc, it gets a bit grating on the nerves. Thank you, and goodnight.


Well, after someone stole his normal clothes which he later got back, Mario got his doctor clothes stolen by SAKURAAAAAAAI! So, he was forced to break out the white clothing dye and make a makeshift doctor outfit before work. Lo, here are the results of him converting his plumbing outfit into a doctor outfit. Remember, do not let Dr. Mario touch your genitals. He is not a real doctor.


Warning! Spoilers approaching!


Now then.

At the site of the last needle, down below the Empire Porky building in New Pork City, Lucas encounters his reoccurring antagonist, King P’s general, a once-human being, the only one besides Lucas who can pull the needles…
The mysterious Masked Man.

The fight between Lucas and the Masked Man is long and intense…and heartbreaking, as Lucas realizes the truth of who his enemy is.

Faintly, the Masked Man hears a voice…a familiar voice, sweet, and caring. For once in the longest time, emotions arise in the Masked Man’s heart, and he tosses his helmet to the ground, revealing his true identity…

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There were plans.

There was also a fatso evil mind. And there was a fatso evil mind making a evil plan. Too bad this fatso’s plans always get pwn3d by a certain blue blur.

Geee, I sure wonder who this fatso is.

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I’m Duster! Guys, I really am Duster!

Tonda Gossa! Tonight we bring you a rather smelly hero and experienced (sort of) thief who knows how to play a classic stand-up bass. It’s Duster! He’ll kick you and your chimeras with unfathomable speed and probably get caught on a clothesline with a Mr. Saturn or something.


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Another Fallen one rises…

And so, Santadorf brings you one last present…

The Fallen Five…Melee’s lost sons. Roy has forced his way back into the fray, having beat down Sakurai to pass the gates into Brawl.
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And so, to wrap up the Christmas costumes, we bring you this delightful treat—-I mean costume. Some wonderful candy craftsman meticulously re-created Lucas in the gingerbread medium! With a candy cane shirt, gummy shoes, mint eyes, and frosting hair, this sugary child is ready to face the world! (Glass of milk not included with this costume.)

-Captain Jim Note-: I realize his skin is patchy. I’ll try to fix this at a later date.

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New member!

We may have a tad TOO MANY members…but god damn it, this person proved that he can do really awesome stuff. He already got his hacks working on the game and everything. He’s S! Probably was our biggest fan and one of the most helpful fans. He’s a cool enough dude to join the team. He just did VERY awesome stuff!


I feel H A P P Y…

It hurts…

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The poor robot that everyone forgot about…

And so, Santadorf sat little Roy upon his knee.
“What do you want for Christmas, little Roy?” the terrible saint asked, his eyes sparkling with evil.
“For Christmas, I want a R.O.B. costume!” replied the lad with the crimson hair, his eyes big with wonder, joy, and fire.
“…a R.O.B. costume? But no one asks for those!” said the confused Claus, raising one white eyebrow.
“I know…but I heard that if I get a R.O.B. costume, he’ll bring a friend in another update!” the boy said excitedly. Santadorf shrugged.
“Eh, whatever floats your boat.” the festive fiend said with a sigh, and he PAAAAAAAUNCHED the following costume into existence.

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