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Fractions? Can kiss it!

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t handle throwing Pokeballs 8,192 times… so why not increase your chances by throwing a Pokeball 1 time instead?

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Pop’n Metabee…what?

Snake, you’re no longer the only Konami character in Brawl! Behold!

It’s Twinbee! The bell collecting, smiling jet robot thingy!

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SPOILER Commander Lucas & Dhrag’s Unmasked

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A badguy… no wait… a badgal???

To be precise, one of the most notorious naurical bandits alive, the dangerous, yet attractive Maple Syrup. Former captain of the Brown Sugar Pirates and current captain of the Black Sugar Pirates.

She goes from island to island with her ship, the S.S. Teacup, to plunder great valuables. Wario, who recently lost his fairly stolen castle, plans to steal those valuables from the pirates.

Wario, a greedy, bold treasure hunter meets Syrup, a woman determined to get what she wants. A rivalry doomed to cause nothing but money mayhem!

Now, Syrup is in Brawl, able to settle things with her arch-rival in yellow once and for all!

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The incident

Norman Osborne. Many words can describe him. Corrupt. Mad.¬† Greedy. Slime. But he was still just as mortal as the rest of us. Until it happened. Osborne secretly framed the co-founder of his chemical company; Mendel Stromm. Stromm was working on a serum, a serum to give people abilities beyond the normal powers of perception. Such as super-intelligence and strength. After framing Stromm, Osborne was left to his own devices in the chemical plant. He read up on a few of Stromm’s papers and learned about the serum. Naturally, being the outgoing man he is, he decided to put his forces to use replicating it for sale in the military, construction, and many other industries. This was his original intention; however one day his plan literally blew up in his face. He gained green skin, and the aforemented abilities; but it came at the cost of one thing. His sanity. Osborne had been driven bipolar and murderously insane. His other alias decided to take on a new name. The Green Goblin. And so it began.

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Happy Birthday, NICKtendo DS!

As of May 26th, I am 20 years old. To celebrate that, here are 2 of my own characters: Splot and King Oneye.

Both can be seen here:

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The spiky-haired emo hero of dubious sexuality joins the Brawl!

To commemorate this, let’s sing One Winged Angel.

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OTACON!… Fighting makes me emotional.

*Codec Beeps*

Snake: “OTACON!”

Otacon: “What Snake?!”

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…What was Miyamoto thinking when he came up with Spirit Tracks?

“This series sucks and is now about trains”

Well, he had been visiting 1chan quite a lot recently. It was only a matter of time.

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Where’s Douglas?

It took some compromising but here y’go: SMAAAASH!! RED, with his prized Charizard, Norbert, that Squirtle who is usually free to roam grocery stores with a Torchic, and an Ivysaur… from… what?

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