….About time i made those guys…..

Remmember the good old Syntax Error times? Well, in that days, kinda near of the release, they asked us for help and collab them with textures, and we agreed with that.

After that,some good textures comes, but there’s one (well, actually 4) that really put me into effort and consumed my time, the Metroid Gang. The whole Pokemon Team, but in metroid fashion, with tmother brain commanding them, an small version of Kraid with the Spore Spawn boss in his back, and evolved metroid known as Zeta Metroid, and one of the most requested characters in that time and my personal favorite videogame character, the mighty Ridley

Well, that was before, and now a great number of textures for Pokemon Trainer was released, like the Team Aqua/Magma/Rocket PAC, the Silent Metal and Sack Pokemons made by DasDonkey, and yeah, the Vertex Hack Leaf Pokemon Trainer. With this type of competitors in this new 2010, i simply can’t leave my Metroid Gang stay as it, as a PT mainer and as a Metroid fan i can’t allow that, it must stay on the fray!

It’s time to end the long intro, time to release the revamp i was working in those 3 months and end with the hype, it’s time for…….


….with no more recolors, more quality, and some interesting features, that you can see in this PICS!!!

Ohh…….and you want download?, here it’s, good sir!! 😛


Contains the 4 textures, with .PAC and .PCS, With Final Smash, and the CSP of everybody (also solo CSP of the pokemons too, :P)

I really hope you can enjoy this, that spent me alot of time, now leave me to sleep!!……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

31 Responses to “….About time i made those guys…..”

  • Flippin’ win.
    How is it possible for you to get better at your best textures, Dhragen.
    You will soon have the power to DIVIDE BY ZERO

  • I miss the captions, but i gonna add them tomorow, too tired now. But if someone could add the captions (preferable BP since he is a God at that), i would be thanksful, 😛

  • YESH! YESH! But seriously awesome. I loved the original Metroid Trainer and it looks even more epic now!

  • You are amazing

    Dhragen for president!

  • ;_;

    *tears of epic win*

  • Wow.. this is wicked.

  • um this has already ben made. I have it =P it was in masterlinkx’s pack which was made a long time ago

  • @super hax

    Fail. It was made BY HIM. This is just an updated version of it. lrn2read

  • @super hax: *facepalm*

    uhhhmmm….that pack contains my old Metroid gang and no, you don’t have it, because this is a REVAMP of the original.

    Please read man……….*facepalm again*

  • Dhragen, how dare you steal from yourself.

  • My first comment in a while.

  • Captions added. That’s a frikkin’ lot of screenshots, Khraken.

  • Who meeds vertice hacks when you have Dhragen?

  • It’s like a holiday when Dhragen updates

    that’s how cool these textures are.

  • That Zeta Metroid is AWESOME. Well, so is Ridley. And Mother Brain. And Kraid Spawn. They’re all awesome.


  • EXTREMELY high quality stuff right here.

  • Hey, I can actually tell what the Zeta Metroid is supposed to be now. And Mother Brain looks like more than just a Pokemon Trainer with a mouth on his face. Since Kraid is more green than blue I think I have to take the set off my blue team now, but that trade is well worth the increase in quality.

  • Amazing work, once again. Kraid’s ears really look like horns, it’s crazy. If I’m mistaken, I think I remember you saying you used Kraid’s textures from SSBM, thanks to S. or something? If so, you put them to good use. The Metroid is pretty damn wicked, as well, and Ridley is better than ever. Good job. One thing, though, I don’t really like the text you put in the Final Smash, and the box is a bit buggy.

  • Exceptional. :’)

  • ;_; this is the stack smash i remember…

  • The greatest Pokémon Trainer package ever just got even better!

  • Awesome revamp! Man, I still use the original Metroid gang textures…

  • I think the CSPs aren’t indexed or something

  • MADE OF WIN. my already favorite hack gets upgrades! Thank you Dhragen! these rock! (RIDLEY FTW)


  • The original texture was incredibly epic. I expected some kinda vertex hack-y thing to improve it.

    But no. NO. You go ahead and make the actual TEXTURES way better, upping the ante way beyond doing a cheap vertex hack. Applause, Draghen, applause. Nay, standing ovation. Best hack on PT, ever.

  • Really nice. Instant download

  • Gee, those where the good ‘ol days. When texture hacking was only possible through hexing, and anything related to models, sd loading, and sound effects was deemed impossible.
    Still the most epic texture hacker, Dhragen. That much hasn’t changed.

  • Smashin’ old chap ;3;

  • Hey Dhragen, te acuerdas de mi cierto? (ketiradas) como sea, wow, te has superado a ti mismo, por cierto, vi que usaron tu textura de zero para el Zero PSA que un sujetillo hizo increiblemente, bastante buena a decir verdad, pues aca nada mas saludando y descargando tus cosillas, en el futuro haras algo de Vertex con charizard para tratar de hacer a ridley?

    bueno ya, saludos y espero que aya en chile todo este bien.

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