sail into the vast sea, young toon link

vertex hacks suck, right?

It’s been a while since I’ve just done a plain texture edit. I don’t care if some things were hexed off, I still consider this just a texture hack.

Outset Link wearing a hat is pretty rad.

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  • is his hood vertex’d to be round or something?

  • Looks good. Clean and simple.

  • Nicely done 🙂
    I don’t mean to sound rude and what-not, but could we possibly get a shot of the back of his head?

  • @meleemaster

    It does say he’s wearing a hat and that this isn’t a vertex hack.

    And like Syrus said it looks good. Glad to see some people don’t need vertex hacks to make a good texture.

  • It’s uncategorized D:

    and why no vault? o.o

  • Umm…Pik, You do realize that removing polygons causes in game glitches and slowdown right? I’m not sure about hexing them off but I know that happens with the polygon deleter.

  • @PAVGN

    It depends on what’s removed and if the polygon or vertex is hexed off. I have some things with a lot of hex edits but don’t cause any problem.

  • I tested him beforehand, he works fine. There’s only glitches if the bone it’s attached to has certain properties.

    Also, if you have a version where his hat sticks straight out, download it again; I updated it.

    Thanks for the comments.

  • Just some information here, bone properties are not the only thing that can cause glitches when it come to mesh editing. What it mostly comes down to is the vertex weighting which determines the origin relative to the vertex. What this means is that if a set of polygons have more than one bone, vertexes will go to respective bone ends and cause random stretching/glitching and polygons will act weird and teleport to random parts of the stage (even though they are invisible they are still rendered by the engine) under random influences. it’s that which causes lag, so the higher polygon count of the removed section, the bigger the lag.

  • More pics?

  • Now I can finally comment again

    I just wanna say this is really nice, and works a charm 😀
    Good stuff, keep it up Pik

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  • duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude,

    its not cel-shaded :C

  • Solid colors != cel-shading

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