Dark Matter’d Penguins = Evil

We all know Dark Matter,right? And we all know King Dedede,right? And we all know Dark Matter Dedede,right? Well,this isn’t Dark Matter Dedede.This is a more powerfull posession.You can’t get Dark Matter out of Dedede by just beating the crap out of him this time around.

No,Dark Matter is now staying inside Dedede for the greater bad.

What do you think? “Less chat,more pics!”? Mmm…thank Dedede for reading your mind.

This update is brought to you by “WE <3 CREATIVE LIBERTIES” Inc.

15 Responses to “Dark Matter’d Penguins = Evil”

  • Love the belt.

  • Dark Matter?

    That thing from Kirby 64?

    …it isn’t?

  • Haha, yes! Great idea! I totally didn’t see a Dark Matter Dedede coming. 🙂

  • Finally a Dedede skin…

  • Wolfo.Kinda…take that Dedede,put some creativity and a bottle of creative liberties,and what do you get? Overposessed Dark Matter Dededede.And yes,it is based on the “eye thingy” from Kirby 64.

    Reoyoshi8.It was bound to happen.Dedede is awesome and most of his real alt costumes aren’t cool.

    It’s just that we can’t come with ideas for Dedede,and noone never suggests anything for him either.

  • Shadow Light Master

    Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.

    Kirby 64 was one of my most favorite Kirby games ever, if not my favorite. So much childhood nostalgia. So much win. This is just spectacular. I really thank you for this. Thanks so much.

    You guys are amazing. Once you get your hands on Syntax Error’s guides, nothing will stop you from being the best.

  • Oh crap, nostalgia. This is freaking amazing. Next you have to make him into either Dodo or Raphael the Raven.

  • From Kirby 64? I never liked that game. The other Kirby games were much better. I don’t remember this look at all but I still think it’s a decent costume!

  • I never really liked it much either,Hippo.But it was cool with the whole ability mixing and stuff.

    And yes,as I already said,we took a lot of creative liberties with this costume (no…the costume IS a creative liberty)

  • I really love those textures!

    The Luigi with Mario rocks XD

    I have a request: are you also doing cartoon characters?

    – if yes: Would you please do Misery from the show ‘Ruby Gloom’? (may have to look up her looks etc ) (from Peach )

    -if no: Would you please do Gardevoir? That pokémon shouldn’t be that hard. White Peach costume helps XD

  • I have a few requests:

    -Redone THE KING
    If possible with completely re-skinned clothes and CD-i colours
    -Casey Lynch from Guitar Hero
    Re-skinned ZSS basically, if you don’t play guitar hero, pictures should be easy to find
    Kirby re-skinned, there is no way you don’t know what Pac-Man looks like.

  • Ugh… *shudders*
    Most people remember Possessed Dedede from Kirby 64, but it gave me nightmares long before then. Imagine finally getting to the boss of a difficult game only to find your favorite character split in half and come tearing at you with black teeth coming from his mouth, a look of pain and anguish on his face…

    *shudders again*

    Yup, Dreamland 3. Great game, horrifying.

  • This is pretty good and a good concept, but I think it’d look more like he was possessed if you made the eyes red and evil and/or put a giant gaping eye in his chest.

    As for another Dedede costume. . .Ghosteo wouldn’t listen to me, so I hope you will. I really think this has good potential.

    The Penguin from Batman.

    Make Dedede’s skin white, put a black bowtie and buttons down his middle, possibly remove the sash and texture the tuxedo down it. Robes obviously turn black, and texture a monocole over one of Dedede’s eyes. Make Dedede’s crown entirely black, although give the litle cherry on top and the brim of it a different shade to make it resemble a top hat. Feet black to resemble shoes, and. . .I guess the hammer black too. Replace the star logo on his hammer with anything you think would represent him well, I don’t have many ideas there. Perhaps a green “$” symbol?

    I’m just throwing ideas around though, feel free to edit at will or totally ignore this idea.

  • Nice post u have here 😀 Added to my RSS reader

  • Hmm…I wonder if you could edit those Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and such to make them look like a little Mini-Dark Matter….Good job on this anyways!

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