Is this thing humpin me?

The Jockey, from Left 4 Dead 2. Texture directly taken from the game. I was going to fully vertex hack his body and hands and whatnot to look like a jockey instead of Diddy Kong, but I won’t be able to do that anytime soon, especially considering the effort it takes with my current method of vertex hacking. His tail is removed (vertex hack) and I tried deleting as many polygons of arm hair that I could (not much).

He has a few “glitches”, none of which affect gameplay.

1. When he is damaged, Diddy Kong’s eyes always shrink. his whole eye texture wraps weird at that point (as seen in the one picture above)

2. When attacking with Diddy’s tail (end of A combo), his butt deforms, has a hole in it (which I tried closing when removing the tail), and you see a fragment of his tail stretched around

3. Diddy Kong’s smile taunt shows his teeth, which I also have textured, so it looks like he has 2 sets of teeth with that taunt (which looks pretty creepy, so I kept it)

but enough about that, download it here:

9 Responses to “GET THIS THING OFF MY BACK!”

  • Crazy awesome! And terrifying! And creative! and bloody!

    Not sure if I prefer L4D1 or L4D2… I haven’t really warmed up to L4D2 yet though, as I haven’t played it in the absence of a kid who likes Lucario (those guys ruin everything!).

  • L4D2 > L4D.

    Mostly because I prefer running around with melee weapons instead of sitting back using guns!

    Shotguns and melee weapons, I’m in love with the combination of DEATH.

    Jockeys gave me nightmares.

    Anyway, really good job on the costume, breda.

  • Nice! Always nice to see another Diddy hack, especially one that turned out as great as this one.

  • also, his jetpack is made of chocolate

  • personally i prefer l4d1’s hunter but this biner induucing lol

  • NEED TO DOWNLOAD NOW! Has there been a Smoker Yoshi yet?

  • Very excellent work. This is best Diddy Kong hack I’ve ever seen, Despite the glitches.

  • At first glance, the first image looked like a photoshop. THen i spazzed the mouse thinking i was in game trying to shoot that bastard off’a ellis.

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