Gotta hunt some spaic piraits nao.

Well people, you may know our lack of Samus and ZSS costumes, right? Well…C-C-C-ombo Breaker!!!!!!111

Today, we bring to you, the viewer, not only 2 costumes, or 3…WE BRING YOU 4 COSTUMES!

And look at the time! This is not even a early update, this is a special ocassion (off course, tonight will be rather special too)

Anyway, we have Bomberwoman and Gold Samus! Off course, with their respective Zero Suit versions (Zero Suit Bomberwoman and Sexy Samus).

Androu1 brings a hit from the past with Bomberwoman, because the original NES Bomberman cover as full or originality and looks NOTHING like good ol’ Samus.

He also brings a rather shiny version of Samus. Gold Armor Samus is ready to kick ass and take names!

Off course, Bluz made the Zero version of Gold Armor Samus, dubbed “Sexy Samus”.

But enough chitchat (****talk?). You want pics? They are yours my friend!

Note: the captions suck, I know that – Androu1

Note2: Bomberwoman and Gold Armor Samus are one of the oldest costumes, unreleased for not having a ZSS counterpart (more like we couldn’t hex them due to palettes)


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