And so …

It’s time …

I believe the last time I left you a message, was to inform you, of my plan … my EVIL plan to rid the world of you scumbag humans.

Well, I shall enclose more details in due course, for now, I’d like to present, the First part of my EVIL plan

“Long ago, A solider, transversed the lands on a noble white stead, carrying a sword and lance on hand, he traveled the lands under the Greek Gods rule slaying beasts and vanquishing Evil

His Final encounter was with a ferocious Dragon of great power, he dueled the beast into submission and slayed it, without mercy.

Long after, he was crowned a saint and then later …. after his death, went to heaven ….  “fuck that!!” , he went back to earth to go kill more things, Heaven sounded boring to him.

So he traded in his sword for a Hammer, and with it, he joined a tournament so great, that every opponent he faced left him happier and more courageous with each win.”

This, is the story, of St.George …. AND NOW THAT FUCKER JOINED THE BRAWL BITCH

There, I have spread my Britishness all over the Smash Community one last time, Lord British and St. George are finally re-united.

hmm? the other part of my plan you say? … well, I’m feeling kind since today is a special day for me …. which is slightly ironic since the whole reason I wanted to destroy you all is because of this day …. >_>


. . . . .

. . . . .

Yeah, St. George’s day is the same day as my Birthday … how fun ….. oh well, I suppose having to put up with 5 drunk friends is better than a bunch of skinfags (and Miacis) like you lot anyway.


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