How to teleport

You need a good running start. A ridiculously good one. You can change your direction, which is unwieldy, but can help you get it done. But don’t crash into anything, or…

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  • ^A hero posts.

  • Well, if they made it before ESH’s that changes everything. But Androu1 thought it was a model hack without even looking at all the facts. Plus, the bat isn’t part of the texture, it’s a code, -_-. And, it doesn’t cause crashes. If you ask me, it seems he was the ignorant one.

  • Okay, you do hold the bat, but like I say, only if you have it in the Lucas folder. And you do’t have to. This is essentially, the same texture, and you could get the hair to stand on this one just as easily.

  • I’m pretty pissed off at comments like “that person already did that”.


    “Microsoft came with Windows.” “Oh, Apple already did that.”

    “SEGA made Sonic the Hedgehog.” “But Nintendo already did that with Super Mario Bros.”

    “I finally had sex with Jenny!” “Ted already did that.”

    “Simpsons already did that.”

    “Isaac Newton already did that.”

    Seriously, don’t you know how ridiculous you guys sound? Who gives a flying fuck other people already did the same thing?

    Seriously, you guys are pathetic.

    Except for those who actually did take the time to realize how ridiculous those comments were.

  • He kinda looks like Game & Watch… XD

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