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It’s-a me…MARIO!!!

So you guys (and the rare gal around too) may remember NES Luigi, right?

Well, this is another costume which, like Lario and Muigi, was planned to be released with it’s brother…in the form of a double update…baaaaaaaaack in the day.

However, this was not done it that time…this is FRESH! LIKE TEH PRINCE!

But…you know the rules, and so do I…PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!!!

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Welcome to Camp.

Today…we have a character from the best Let’s Play ever to grace the eyes of the goons. Why, this is Billy, from the terrible secret of Animal Crossing. Billy was just an ordinary kid until he was thrust into this nightmarish world of horrors. Now he’s fending for his life, and trying to avoid Crossing as long as possible. Who knows how long he can keep his sanity. Two birds, one stone. First bird: This counts as an Animal Crossing villager, a wildly suggested character. Second bird: We get to pay tribute to this awesome, quality piece of internet lore. If you haven’t read it yet, and you should have, read it here:

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TURKEYMAN!!! Well…not a real man…

Well well! Thanksgiving is upon us, and what way to celebrate with the traditional roasting of birds. M&M Kirby carves this bird to perfection…wait, it’s still alive! Get it! Get it and feed on it’s tasty golden brown exterior! Gobble gobble gobble, it’s dinner time.

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Well, after the strange turn of events detailed in the Muigi update, with Luigi going insane and stealing Mario’s overalls and all, Mario noticed his only pair of clothes was missing. He went over to Luigi’s room, but no-one was there. Mario needs clothes like nao, so he had to take Luigi’s. Lario anyone? Also, we can now hack Mario, thanks to TeadyMK making us realize that we screwed up when we first hexed him a while back. Thank her as well as Androu, the creator of this hack. Let ze floodgates open.


13 = 10?

Remember Jason-X? Remember how at the end of the movie, they escaped from him, the spaceship blew up, and Jason disappeared? Well, it turns out he was jettisoned all the way through space, until suddenly he crashed into a familiar ship, the Halberd. And Meta-Knight wouldn’t stand for this. He took out Mr. Voorhees with one quick spam of the neutral-b, and claimed his prize, a BRAND NEW MASK!!! Talk about bein’ overprotective, mirite? So, here’s your pics of Meta-Knight’s shiny new mask. I like shiny things…

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Tonight’s character is perhaps the most inspiring figure in the world. He brings hopes into the hearts of millions. No, I don’t mean Martin Luther King Jr, I mean Agent J, the best dancer on the face of the earth. Just don’t tell Commander Kahn J made it to Brawl and he didn’t…you don’t want to anger him, oh no. This hack actually proves Androu can make stuff from scratch, like a cool pair of sunglasses seen on this agent of elite beats. Cool.

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He was one of our biggest fans.He tried to make costumes,but failed in the hexing part.He has joined the roster of texture hax nao! He’s cool and can do some neat stuff.

NOTE: Funny fail,I made this into a page before…I PROMISE TO NEVER UPDATE RIGHT AFTER I WAKE UP ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtesy of Jugg4n4ut, Zombie Wario is no longer alone.

He threw his head onto Bowser and infected him, giving Bowser Zombie Wario’s abilities. We call this Zombie Bowser. This has lead to a full-scale Zombie outbreak…*walks down an inconspicuous hallway when Zombie Bowser bursts through* AAAH!! *picture snap* *picture snap* *picture snap* *picture snap* *picture snap* *picture snap* Whew…got away. Here’s the pictures from that fateful encounter with death. This is Jugg4n4ut’s first hack, pretty good huh? (P.S., that above was a parody of Resident Evil)

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DOUBLE UPDATE: Almighty aliens and localization mishaps!

So, tonight, we have two hacks, unrelated by anything you know. We know what relates them however. The first one, Vegeta, is a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta, son of King Vegeta, archnemesis then best friend of that crazy guy in the orange clothes. No, I’m not talking about Naruto, I’m talking about Goku. Now, something might seem a bit unusual. No, I don’t mean his Oozaru tail, I mean those crazy ears. Well, they’re the result of a botched plastic surgery operation. Poor Vegeta. First his dad and home planet getting obliterated now he has stupid furry ears. But that doesn’t diminish the greatness of this hack. Dhragen strikes again! For the second one, we have a tortured rendition of Kirby, spawned from an alternate universe created by soul-less Nintendo of America marketing execs that think everybody in America lives on the edge. A former POW in ‘Nam, Amerikirby has faced a troubled life, orphaned by a terrible car crash, the only thing that keeps him going is his love of weaponry. Unfortunately, he’s tortured by a masked serial-killer and a demonic dictator. Androu1 delivers a touching look at what America is all about. Now, I’m sorry for my wall of text, let me just cut to the pictures. Not only do we have a great hack from Dhragen, but we have a bonus from Androu! Lucky you! Loopyeyes: Congrats, you were the first person to predict a hack the day before it was uploaded! Cool! Now use those crazy unholy psychic abilities for good. You have godly timing.

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Somehow, torturing animals and forcing them to fight took a toll on the poor Pokemon Trainer.

So what does he do? Why, he throws away the worthless animals and uses his fists, of course! Oh, he’s going to stop PT’s Pokemon with his Charizard? No problem. Tranquilizer dart solves it all. And then PT snaps Blue’s neck. Shows him for messing with PT, that’s for sure. Dhragen does an astounding job again!

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