One not very specific man…

…might be all that stands between Ilium, and some non-existent threats.

Conrad Verner, Mass Effect 2 edition. Crazed fan of the year, all years.
All credit for the head goes to Akari_Un, as I used their Wesker’s head (and added a goatee to it of course).

A download? Wait until my wife sees this, she’s gonna love it!

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  • Sorry for hogging the updates guys, this’ll be my last one this week, I swear.

    Also, scroll down to the pictures, open up One Very Specific man in another tab and also scroll down to the pictures, now flick between the two.

  • Lol, I don’t think you should worry about “hogging the updates”. More updates = good.

    Anyway, I honestly have to say that I like the Captain Falcon texture more. This one is still decent, though.

  • And next is Samus.

  • Nice. I love the small details that these have, it’s a nice touch.

  • For a Snake texture, it’s very impressive. Definitely one of the best I’ve seen thus far… The prospect of working with his hair is intimidating!
    I’m most impressed with what you did with his head. the transition between each texture is the most fluid I’ve seen, it doesn’t look like much like a headband anymore. A lot of people seem to have trouble with that (Myself included).

    Not to say that the suit doesn’t look great, too, I just really appreciate the technical aspects of what you’ve done here.

    Great work, I’ll definitely be using this.

  • … And I just read the post.
    I’ll try not to comment on pictures alone in the future.

    I still really like the suit texture. Sorry for my bullshit.

    Looking forward to what you’ll do with Samus.

  • I have enough of Conrad Verner’s Disingenuous Assertions.

  • M_S, let me make this perfectly clear. *Shoots in foot*

    (I hope the reference is not lost on you 😮 )

  • Wait, what does the first comment mean?

  • By the way, it’s pretty cool with the similar style shots between this and ‘One Very Specific Man…’. The comparison is great.

  • Thanks for noticing it Syrus 😀

    On a related note, Conrad has more downloads than Shepard. 😮

  • Flamewar ahead.



  • oh yeah this place is dead :UUUUUUUUU

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