Forgotten site? No. Forgotten character? Yes.

I don’t care what you say, Stack Smash ain’t dead, it’s just sleeping, innit blud.

Mighty the Armadillo from the Sonic series.
Original texture by Raijinmaru, revamped by me with help from cuckoos.
The shell is actually shiny, but you’d have to see it in motion to appreciate it.
Screenshots taken in Dolphin, since my Wii is broke. I’m not very good at using it, so excuse the poor quality of the screens.
I’ve included two textures, Classic Mighty and Fan-art Mighty, sadly, I could only get pictures of Fan-art Mighty and not the double-revamped Classic Mighty.
Make sure to check out Koo.pac! PAVGN and Pik are already on there (instead of updating Stack Smash D:< ) and cuckoos lent the use of his Mighty texture to create this combined version, thanks man!

EDIT: Pictures of revamped classic Mighty added by PAVGN.

10 Responses to “Forgotten site? No. Forgotten character? Yes.”

  • I had this idea years ago when I was on the team…

    But I like it.

  • Hey I’m trying to get this site updated too. Pik (Supposedly) is helping me finish my next update for this site. Anyway, I’ll try to get pictures of double-revamped Classic Mighty. Nice work on this.

  • Thanks for the help man, and I know you’re updating Stash aswell, no worries! ;D

  • You never let me down, Uncategorized.

  • It’s been sleeping for a REALLY LONG TIME.
    I mean, I used to check and comment here regularly, but ever since that large downtime (I think it was in December?), this site has been inactive.

  • I thought I was the only one who thought this was the awesomest sonic char ever. ^_^

  • Wow, this collab turned out great.


    Sweet, I thought everyone forgot about him when SEGA dumped him.

    The skin looks awesome, can’t wait to play him.

  • I like penis? Yes. Am I sucking one right now? Yes.

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