He’ll Turn Into An Alien Before Your Very Eyes

*Insert creepy music here*

It started when an alien device did what it did
And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid
Now he’s got super powers, he’s no ordinary kid
He’s Ben 10.

So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise,
He’ll turn into an alien before your very eyes
He’s slimy, freaky, fast and strong, he’s every shape and size
He’s Ben 10

Armed with powers, he’s on the case
Fighting off evil from Earth or space
He’ll never stop till he makes them pay
‘Cause he’s the baddest kid to ever save the day
Ben 10

That’s right! It’s everyone’s not so favorite transforming alien boy, Ben 10. This is the technological transformation Upgrade!

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  • F… first?

    While I don’t particularly enjoy the show, it’s kind of a cool looking texture.

  • Second?
    Nice texture.


  • :3



  • Oh god. No, just no. Not that faggot. Please. For the sake of everyone’s mental health. Please, I beg of you. I’ll even pay you. Please. NO.

  • ^1000xAgreed with BSZ…………

    Seriously, this crap is like all those fan-made sucking sonic custom characters, all those new disney’s related crap (including Kingdom Heart), etc. In resume…………….THEY FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:U

  • Yeah, the show [s]kinda[/s] really sucks…..
    I don’t think it should be called Ben 10 anymore, because now he has like 1000000 transformations or something

  • That’s a little harsh. I think it looks nice, despite what your opinion on the show might be.

  • ¿BagShriks wuts mnetsal helth bees?

  • my first thought was ‘NOOOOO’ then after looking a moment my thought was’NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000000 *sob*’

  • I’m not a fan of the show, but I’d be lying if I said I didnt think this was cool.

  • What is this I don’t even.

    Ben 10? What…?

  • Kids today and their Ben 10, back when I was a boy it was Power Rangers as far as the eye could see. Pokemon and TMNT on Saturdays.

    Whippersnappers ain’t got no respect for the classics. Hell, I was raised on Pinky and the Brain, Inspector Gadget, and they had REAL theme tunes…

    Oh and Digimon sucked back then and it sucks now, don’t talk about it, pretend it never happened.

  • I think it’s a very well done texture. I’m sure if people didn’t know it was from ben 10 they’d be like “ZOMG PWN TEXTURE!” Looks really nice MXXD. ^^

  • lol Upgrade, I remember that.
    Why is everyone bashing on Ben-10? Its miles ahead of any other current cartoon. Nice show, premise, art, Fucking Colonel Campel is in it. But the texture itself could use some work.

  • *grabs some vodca* ….Must *drink* ….Forget! *chugs bottle*

  • Listen guys the origin of the texture shouldn’t matter. Look how many Roys and Narutos there are. I personally hated Fire Emblem and Naruto, but yet I still like those textures.

  • Cool! Um Gwen ZSS? XP

  • awesome texture don’t really care for the original, alien force is ok. make diamond head on gannon and heatblast on snake

  • too many cartoon network textures. someone make nickoledoen textures already, i mayed a danny phantom that has size shifting eyes and messed up fs eyes.

  • I like how she looks in the morph ball, but other wise….. *Barfs*

  • Some people probably dislike the texture too, you know?
    I do. I don’t like it. Not my kinda thing I guess.


  • Upgrade is awesome, but Alien force is better. The original kinda sucked.

  • Alien Force is BETTER!?


  • This is my favorite Alien too! Also…

    What will the ZSS texture be? Ben hasn’t turned into a girl alien…


  • That’s because he is a girl!
    Uh.. never mind

  • Ben 10 was good when he was young. The newer versions that involve him as a teenager is just not the same, cus he had some really weird and unnecessary changes to the aliens he can use. Also there’s less humor 🙁
    Your texture’s really accurate though. Don’t mind the haters.

  • hypersonic: yo momma’s a girl…owait. YO MOMMA’S A COCK!

  • Hold on…

    I think this was a suggestion of mine at Cultnet.

    Having grow up since, I don’t see it as OMG OMG UPGRADE :D, but I like it.

  • Wow, so much butthurt going on. ¦D

    Anyways, Ben 10 was awesome and this is awesome. Nice work, I wasn’t expecting this at all. :3

  • try doing a mechamorph from the alien force series, where he has the green instead of white, and some black lines going through there.
    also, i expect someone to do Big Chill.

  • SWEET my little brother LOVES that show, do some more! maybe XLR8 Sonic? Echo-Echo Ness? Big Chill Pit? maybe? (I unavoidably know ALL the aliens names because he talks about it so much

  • Man thats an awesome texture I made a few ben 10 Textures a while ago Diamond head as Ike,Heatblast as C.Falcon,XLR8 as Sonic and The Kid himself as lucas

  • I’ll admit, Ben 10 is a decent show, I’ll watch it if nothing else is on. Texture looks pretty good too! :3

  • Eh Ben 10 Ailen Force is better becuase it’s not trying to be funny every chance it gets

  • What? Did what it did? What a dumb theme song.
    What? Ben 10? Never heard of this new-age Cartoon N-OH SORRY CN BS.

  • Huh. Upgrade on Samus? Wierd. What’s ZSS going to be, then?


    Seriously though, we don’t need CN crap in our brawl.

  • But the texture itself is good :3

  • Not a real big fan of the show, but I serious would be lying if I didn’t say this hack was pretty cool. I wouldn’t continue with this show though because there are so many better things to make textures from.

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