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Alex Kidd in Miracle World!

After years of martial arts training on Mount Eternal, Alex Kidd became strong enough to shatter solid rock with his bare fists. On a quest to find that which requires Alex Kidd’s skills, he met a deformed being, having a fist as head. He claims to be the third henchman of the king, Stone Head. He’d let Alex through only if he could beat him in a game of Janken, and so Alex did. On his way he discovers he is the second son of King Sanders who was kidnapped as a young child and that his native land is heavily misgoverned by the evil Janken the Great. He has to save his older brother and heir to the throne, Egle, and Egle’s fiance and recover the most powerful artifact known as the Crown to bring peace back to Radaxian. And so Alex saved his brother, defeated Janken the Great, saved Egle’s fiance and recovered the Crown. Radaxian is at peace and Egle and his wife are now the king and queen.

Alex felt his journey has just begun and started to look for his missing father, which he found, safe and sound, and happy on planet Paperock.

As Alex returned to planet Aries, he felt something was wrong. And there he was, Stone Head, claiming revenge! Luckily, King Egle emerged from behind Alex Kidd and joins forces with his sibling to defeat the instable deformity! Get ready for some epic Janken!

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Visit the StackSmash Youtube

In case you haven’t heard, Stack Smash has gotten a youtube channel, which will feature texture timelapses and footage of our textures. Many members of the team have capture cards, so there’ll be stuff posted there often.

Also someone else should update tonight with a texture tonight, I’m just posting this because someone needed to do it.

Subscribe or Pinkandorf will drag your soul down to the pits of hell.

P.S. I’ll resume uploading texture videos soon. I got a new capture card recently, so i wanna make sure that when it records it doesn’t screw the color up. If you wanna help out tell me if the color is correct in this corona mountain video thing:

This update smells like Pits

Basically, I was thinking, “We don’t have enough Pits.” So, I made some Pits. Therefore, there are more Pits now.
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Super Mario Mayhem! (GCN)

Two’s a crowd in these parts… but three’s just plain mayhem.

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Today is Stack Smash’s Birthday. It is one-year-old! A toddler! It is time for its first party!

For the party, we invited some guests that return to the sites roots: Recolors…and beards.

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Wily’s wet love! +1

3 characters you’ve seen from me before, but better looking! Yellow Devil is looking shinier than ever, Splot, my favorite custom character, has had a little nip and tuck and Amy Rose has a different set of eyes and a matching umbrella!

I also want to introduce to you another custom character: Myrrh Maroon! This character was created by Cyber Maroon and I made the texture. Myrrh also has a younger sister, Iris Maroon. They are both 1/24 angel. Together they are the sisters of light and darkness, the Scarlet Angels.

Notice how the custom characters I texture aren’t rip-offs of the characters that I retexture. Think about that.

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yes… the crossover between Earthbound and Wind Waker… I’ve created a monster… I’ve created…..

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Look behind you! A three-headed monkey!!!

Sit right down and have a cup of grog, because tonight is a night to celebrate piracy and point-and-click adventure games. I am, of course, talking about The Secret of Monkey Island!
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The one winged angel…

White hair flowing in the wind…sunken green eyes, surveying the world that will fall…

Black trenchcoat rustling softly…his hand resting softly on the handle of the legendary Masamune…

Has the Final Fantasy seen a villain greater than Sephiroth?

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Super Bloody Double Falcon-! (GCN)

…You know the rest.

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