6 Updates in 1!!

And no, I don’t mean Pako or Nicktendo, as far as I know, they’re both still around … somewhere …

OK, just a small update from me, well uh … I kinda gained permission to the SS Dashboard … and decided to post something, just something I think some might be interested in, if not, then you can just scroll past this and go to the good stuff (like, older posts and such)

Anyway, back when I was on the Team I posted lots of shit and never posted the PCS/PAC to them, my bad, I’m lazy and got lots of shit going down :/

ANYWAY, I’m still making stuff, and hopefully you’ll see more and more new and old stuff get uploaded/updated … like Majora :3

Well, enough chit-chat, here is some of my newer, and still kinda crap stuff

You can find the Download link for ALL of these 6 and maybe a couple more here:  www.mediafire.com/Leon2457

Make sure you check back often for new updates! (old and new) I’ve been discussing things with PZT about my content, since I’m no longer on the team of course :/ well, have fun

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