Soreto you wanna be my friend?

Going Merry now sails for a new adventure, but this time with just one member, Monkey D. Ruffy. Those adventures on the Grand Line were tough, but Ruffy now wants to have a little fun, joining Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

He only needs some fixes, like his bat (but i’ll not reveal what it’ll be), and his shirt. But i’ll do that later.

Enough words, now it’s time for the PICS!

14 Responses to “Soreto you wanna be my friend?”

  • To all the people who say that one piece is crap, I’m guessing you watched the 4kids version. They ruined the show by cutting out 50% of the fights, all cigarettes, blood, swearing and a lot of the important story scenes.

    Anyway back on topic, Awesome texture though you should have named him Luffy instead of Ruffy. Sounds like a drug XD

  • @PZT: Porky leads pigs. Makes sense.

  • It doesn’t matter how say it.
    4Kids ruins everything & makes it shit.
    Awesome texture.
    I miss ]EE[

  • @3020

    I’ve seen both.

    Both crap.

  • Lol, One Piece.

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! i wish their could be a character that looks like franky, mabe lucas becuase of the sorta same hair style…

  • @PZT: that’s not the point.

  • Is the bat going to be his arm, as in how he stretches? That’d be hard to pull off, but you guys always surprise me 😛



  • Porky is retarded but at least it makes sense. Unlike Ruffy which is retarded and makes no sense, lol.

    I do think it looks half decent though, just thought I’d rant about the name. I’m an angry man, please put your donations in this half eaten rabbit.



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