New member and the lord of evil!

We have a new member today!
NICKtendo_DS is a very talented artist and a bottomless pit of good ideas and resourcefulness. He’s as talented as Androu and as good as PZT when it comes to good ideas and creativity. Keep on the lookout for hacks made by this guy.

And now for your hack. Some call him Lucifer, some call him Satan, but I call him LUIGI. Said to be the lord of all evil by certain groups, and worshipped by a bunch of crazies, Satan is the greatest villain in roman and middle-eastern fiction religion. (I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for that remark). So cower mortal as the literary and religious equivalent of Giygas tortures the Brawl!

10 Responses to “New member and the lord of evil!”

  • Anyone is allowed to have their own religion. There’s nothing wrong with making something that is supposed to be Satan. Besides, isn’t kicking someone’s ass the exact opposite of Jesus’ teachings? By the way, Nicktendo, great hack! I’m looking forward to more from you! 😀

  • hmhmmhm ya exactly no response boom i win.

  • Assholes like Hippo give us Christians a bad name.

  • Hippo’s just trolling, he’s not usually like that.

    More importantly, this is the LATEST texture that’s actually on the roster page. Seriously, you need to put your other, what, 8?, textures on the roster page, FAST!

  • @DarkFalcon
    I AGREE! Man, I hate people that do that… I mean, THINK! He’s saying that he’s Christian, yet, he’s cussing up a storm, hating everyone, he says he loves Jesus, yet, he’s committing SOOOOOO many sins right now… oh man… and plus, I’m a Christian, and I’m not complaining… if you don’t like the texture, fine! Just don’t bring it up over here, just to say you’re Christian, cuz, you’re sinning just by doing this! Btw, I just came from church! So, you are just trying to give us hard working Christians a bad name by cussing at everyone, please, if you can’t handle things like this, then you’re not a true Christian! What if the Devil confronts you right now? Huh? Don’t take it on all of us, we’re just defending the right side! You’re definitely on the wrong side, trying to get EVERYBODY pissed off! If you reply to me by cussing and being like you are right now, then you’re just sinning… so, leave all of you’re horrible speech behind, and just enjoy the textures that they are making! AMEN!

  • Successful troll is successful?


  • So this is what the Soul of Weegee looks like.

  • Lol at people lashing out at Hippo. Your sarcasm detector is broken beyond belief

  • thats mama satan to you mario!

  • hey can u make a remake of satan luigi instead put him in a tuxedo? or some other kind of fancy clothing?

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