Monthly Archive for April, 2011

Yaaaahoo! Here we go!

It’s TOAD. Oh man.
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I am matter… I am antimatter…

I can see your past… I can see your future…

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Dissidia 012: Tartarus / Thebel

You remember the original Tartarus stage mod that I made a while ago?

Well, Tabithia from DissidiaForums has ported it to Dissidia 012! Check out Tabi’s other mods!

Pics and download of the 012 version of Tartarus/Thebel below.

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Oh hey! That Roy guy is back!

Yeah, so here I bring you good fellows some Meta-Knight abomination.

BrawlVault Link

Wakka Wakka Motherfucker!

This is an update to one of Stack Smash’s oldest hacks.

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Runnin’ and Gunnin’ Action!

It’s been too long, guys – too long since I posted Quote with all those teasers for just a brawl hack (like all that Cloud Strife hype? Quote’s cooler, but whatever)

So here he is

It should also be noted that this is just his model.

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Hello there Children!

Hey Chef.

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