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Ah! Doorknob! I mean…

Flint! Now, if I said I made a Flint hack you’d probably think, Snake, or Captain Falcon. No one else in Brawl has the capacity for Flint’s manliness. Well you’re wrong! With a little bit of extra vertex care, Ike can be just as manly. Why Ike? Well, I wanted Flint to wave around a long plank that makes big crashing noises. Like Ike’s sword.
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Fuck yeah, remakes

With hair that’s always there. Or something, at least it’s one texture slot this time.

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What If The Halberd Survived It’s Journey Into Subspace?

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I’ve done this before, but never this good.

A stage hack. ;D

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Just get in the plane!

Colonel William F. Guile joins the brawl

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Wow, a character hack from PZT?

You aren’t imagining it.
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I didn’t want to release this yet …

But since it been a couple days I figured I’d throw it on here, regardless of how shitty it looks :/

If people want a download link, I’ll get one for you, just comment or whatever :/

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You should’ve seen this coming.

In an amazing display of predictability, I give you a completely unoriginal idea.

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Time Capsule

It’s as if Ness brought these back to the Cave of the Past down with him!

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Lost your depth perception have we?

Paper Mario

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