Special Update: REVAMPED 3 and the Megaman appreciation day.

Okay, long time has passed since we made a revamped update, you probably miss those, but don’t worry now, because THE REVAMPS STRIKE AGAIN with a great present for the Megaman fans that visit our site……..YES YOU HEARD US, MEGANESS, PROTOMAN AND EVEN THE ONE AND ONLY SIGMA got revamped for god’s sake!

Say goodbye to the purple and the orange, Proto and Mega now really match in color with his famous Blue and Red respectively, also your favorite blue bomber now have a better helmet that doesn’t look weird on the sides anymore and his helmet squares are fully ultra FINISHED now. We also gave some love to the Evil Maverick, his purple scars are more wider now, cape symbols fixed and some minor issues repaired (and yeah, his white hands with red stripes are here too if you haven’t seen them on EE before, :D)

Yeah, let’s go to the pics now!

And that’s all for today……



WTF IS THAT???!!!!!



I dont know WTF is that thing, but the only thing that I can say is..EXPECT SOMETHING TONIGHT!!!!

4 Responses to “Special Update: REVAMPED 3 and the Megaman appreciation day.”

  • Does this mean that you can’t take the skip off of Megaman’s cap? It’s really annoying, and the only thing about the whole costume that just isn’t right!

    I’m guessing for DK all you really need to do is make the fur texture transparent. Not an expert, but I had a look at it, and it looks like there is seperate textures, one for the fur effect on the body, and the another for any fur that sticks out from the body.

    I really hope DK is possible, I have a few good ideas for him. Gutsman was one, but let’s see how it turns out from you guys. 😀

  • Is there a download link? These textures RAWK!

  • i think its a zora link, cuz i think theres a bit of green on link

  • i want the protoman texture for my red falcon =(

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