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Astral Destination v1

Just finished this like 10 minutes ago

Haven’t seen anything besides the platform, and as such, if anyone downloads this (please D:) I’d really appriciate some screenshots of the surroundings rather than the platform D:

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This started all because I noticed that Samus’s shoulder’s and over all shape was similar to ol’ Tekkaman, and adding on to Kitty Corp’s Captain Falcon one, and Captain Jim’s MetaKnight Tekkaman. I decided to try it out on Samus.
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sheik and zelda

i like making things look evil. i made these two look evil also. they were easy to make but still pretty cool, so i thought i’d share.
uh… not too much else to say i guess.
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Sonic and C. Falcon require some assistance!

…Well, sort of.

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We are StackSmash, and we steal surveys!!!

Long time no see you guys. Well, here’s the thing:

I’m gonna make a survey, with some questions related to the team and everything (and one stoled from KC:MM, but I think it’s fine, even if Jack shot me with a gun :9), SO… Let’s start:

1. What does Stack Smash need more of, quantity or quality?

2. If Stack Smash needed a leader, what member do you propose?

3. From what member do you want more updates and activity?

4. What team is “friendlier” with us? KCMM or ESH??

5. Excluding the inactive/previous members, and in a scale from 1 to 5, how you rate the current members on StackSmash? (GrandSirThebus doesn’t count since he’s new here)

-C. Chaser

6. Do you like the colors that symbolize us (Black and Red) or should we use another ones?

7. If from all the textures we needed to choose a mascot, what one would you choose?

8. “We do shit right!” it’s our curren’t catch phrase. Should we stick with it, or should we change it?

9. What character do you want more textures for?

10. Vertex hacks or PSA?

11. Our banner’s text’s font, stick with it or make a new one?

12. The way everyone is calling “PROJECT” to everything is annoying… What name should we use instead?

13. Any personal suggestion you want to make to us to get back into the competition? (About the team, NOT related with suggesting characters/stages)

14. Should we delete the “Suggestions” page since no one of us it’s actually looking on it and it’s turning more like an space holder?

15. A normal banner, a .GIF banner, or a Flash banner, what one you preffer?

16. If Stacksmash wanted to do collabs, then who we should do them with?

And that’s all, I don’t know how to make a poll (sorry about that, :(), so insert your answers in the comments.

And this is a half-serious, half-funny survey, so take it as “normal” please, 😛

Also, for everyone who frequently visit us, thanks by all the all time supporting, 🙂

One not very specific man…

…might be all that stands between Ilium, and some non-existent threats.
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Test your wits in this sprawling, mind bending adventure!

Morning Ness with Super SnakeMario’s box. I can’t give out .pac file because it’s located in common3, so just insert the texture yourself.

stock updates

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A Zelda villain.

Nope, not Vaati, I’ve already made him, no, not Skull Kid either or Twinrova, not even Zant.
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No Balloon Animals, Final Circus

Fox McClown only. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either.

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a new age is upon us..

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