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GIR, Animal Crosser V2, and Munna

yeah, i’m finally posting stuff.  I have a few minutes in between classes, so i figured i’d hurry and do it.

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Rice Beach

A port of the Rice Beach stage from Super Smash Bros. Crusade to Brawl, in “mostly 3D.”
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Oh Look, Another Stage Hack

Yeah, there’s been a lot of these lately. Sorry about that, but this stage was actually supposed to be uploaded earlier. However I ran into problems with the stage and even after fixing them I decided to fine tune the stage a little more before releasing It. Continue reading ‘Oh Look, Another Stage Hack’

Pokemon HG/SS Blains Volcano

This was supposed to be Brocks gym but the textures wanted to act retarded to had to change the stage completely. Amazingly this stage works perfectly. The frame rate does  not increase  with 4 players. Anyway this stage is a mixture of the anime gym ,the in-game Pokémon Heartgold Gym, and the pokemon stadium gym plus a little brawl. Continue reading ‘Pokemon HG/SS Blains Volcano’

I made some nifty showcase videos of my stages

I bought a capture device a long time ago, but I was a moron and didn’t get it to work right away. Then I lost it. Then I found it. Then I got it to work. Now I can use it.
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With inspiration drawn from Majora concept art and Ocarina 3D, I’ve attempted to bring Young Link over and make his appearance relevant to Brawl. His weapons are purely from Majora’s Mask, so he currently has the Razor Blade and the Hero’s Shield.

Now, on to those snapshots…

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Made another stage. It’s Candy Constellation from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
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