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Well, well. Kirby got his halloween costume! Kirby has a certain philosophy, if he dresses up as what he hopes to get, the results are inexplicably awesome. But what could this hack be?

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If you like us, you’ll like these guys too.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen ]SyntaxError[, and I assume you have, well, they linked to us on their site so I thought we’d return the favor. If you haven’t seen these guys’ fantastic work, check it out:

I’m sure this won’t help in the same way that EE linking to us will, but well, it just felt wrong not to exchange links. So check them out!

Still Searchin!

Hey everybody, I’m just here to remind you that, we are in fact STILL searching for a hex editor to make our progress faster. If you’re interested just hit me up on our IRC or through comments, or my e-mail I can send you a pack of everything that you’ll need including the tutorial. Then you can be considered a part of our team, even if you suck with photoshop! Sound good? Kewl. So start sending those messages/comments!

3 day break!

So, yeah, we’re taking some time off to make more textures to fill your eyeballs with glee and your mind with happiness. Fortunately, this downtime will be shorter because we actually know what we’re going to update/make for the next week or so. Anyway, while we’re off, you can voice your words and thoughts via comments, IRC, and the forums. Oh yes, the forums. And if you don’t, feel free to spend time with the Painmonster. “Seeya on April 15th, folks!”

SPECIAL UPDATE: Land of the Lost. Abandoned texture hacks shown for the first time.

Tonight, since we have no update to go ahead with, you get this, a behind the scenes look at the texture hacks that weren’t lucky enough to reach your eyes…until now. They include: Pink Marth which was abandoned for screwy mipmap issues and garbled texturing, and Cupid, a texture that was abandoned to being done by Syntax Error (much better than we did it, in fact), and being too plain. We do have a system of quality control, which is very good. I think Pink Marth could be fixed, Viewtiful Joe had the same garbled texturing but due to our new experience, we fixed it easily. Do you think it could be saved? Voice your opinion in the comments, IRC chat, and most importantly, the forums. Now, for the pics! Sorry about the small amount of pics for Pink Marth, this texture was made before we obtained our patent pending (ok, not really) 6 picture format.

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Fuel it up!!!

Today comes a kid from Mother 3.A very underrated kid.He’s pretty cool but he doesn’t have a big part on the plot at all and is only important in the very first chapters of the whole game.

Shockingly enough,this kid has PSI.Our lives are a lie!

This one costume can be called a late celebration to the M3 english translation patch.But whatever,the pics.

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DUODECUPLE UPDATE!!! You saw Citrus and Carbon, now get ready for the rest!

There are good updates, there are bad updates, but sometimes, an update so amazing comes along, that it makes up for everything. This is one of those. We saw Citrus and Carbon as the beginning of a challenge, a challenge we’ve been waiting to spring on you guys. This is our official “We’re sorry.” update, for the downtime, Androu’s Wii troubles, and our week break. NOW GET READY FOR SOME KIRBIEEEES!!!






YELLOW (yes, the yellow Kirby in Brawl is Orange Kirby)

CHOCOLATE (Chalk is B&W Kirby)







Note-worthy:the first 6 Kirbies where done by Androu1,and the others by Phreeq.

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Yet another evil costume?

Well, it’s that time again! Time for evil to overcome Stack Smash (i.e. red and black), this time it posseses a duo of mountain climbers, yes it’s time, for moar red and black colors! Oh, you say enough talk, more pics? Well, you’re the fan.

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Straight from the lands of Seinegald.

So, tonight, we have an RPG hero who has black hair, is from a wildly popular series, and is an emo? I described every RPG hero in the history of forever, but the answer in this case is Leon Magnus. He may have a cold-heart, but at least he means well. I’ve never played Tales of Destiny so I can’t say much about the character, but hopefully the pics speak for themselves!

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Scarf it down!

Tonight, we have one of Kirby’s oldest enemies, from a level that was actually a cloud level done right, the only occurance of a good cloud level ever. (YES, I’M LOOKING AT YOU, SUPER PAPER DISAPPOINTMENT.) He was one of Kracko’s greatest minions, a cheery, happy floating enemy with a very short temper. When you try to damage it, it’s cheery disposition transforms into one of pure rage, and it’s two happy eyes transform into one inflamed cyclopian receptacle. Run, run far away, because Scarfy’s coming to town! And he got a new haircut too.

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