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New member and the lord of evil!

We have a new member today!
NICKtendo_DS is a very talented artist and a bottomless pit of good ideas and resourcefulness. He’s as talented as Androu and as good as PZT when it comes to good ideas and creativity. Keep on the lookout for hacks made by this guy.

And now for your hack. Some call him Lucifer, some call him Satan, but I call him LUIGI. Said to be the lord of all evil by certain groups, and worshipped by a bunch of crazies, Satan is the greatest villain in roman and middle-eastern fiction religion. (I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for that remark). So cower mortal as the literary and religious equivalent of Giygas tortures the Brawl!

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This is the second-to-last of our old cameos that we included for the unforgettable Syntax Error Project months ago, but the last of the ones we showed, Yugo the Wolf from Bloody Roar returns!!

The main character of one of the most awesome fighting games, now is able to keep his wolf form for a entire match in Brawl, making him virtually unstoppable. Who can survive a battle with him? We need to wait and see………….

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‘Ow about a shave?

In the filth-hole town known as London, on Fleet Street, there is a shop, Mrs. Lovett’s Meat Pies. The meat pies are the most delicious in London…but no one knows what kind of meat is is…no one except Lovett herself and the barber upstairs, who happens to supply the meat…

Come to think of it, some people who go into the barber shop are never seen again.

Just what happens to the customers of Sweeney Todd?

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So yeah, after Syntax Error departure, Black Mage took a exciting vacations with White Mage in Hawaii for 3 months, but when they come back, was great their surprise. In the news, 3 kids reclaimed that they are the real Light Warriors, and people start to believe in their lies. Our heroes simply can’t accept this farse and they go into the fray again!!

It seems that you can’t wait any longer for them, so……..PICS NAO!!!!

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New Member! And the bloody alien!

Spire III is our newest member and excels in the art department. He has honed his texturing skill with years of experience as a modder for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Along with texturing, he is a seasoned painter, another craft which he continues to exercise to this day. Being an avid Legend of Zelda fan, he draws inspiration from his beloved series in application to all forms of art that he produces, technically and conceptually-based elements alike.

Spire’s art style is much more realistic and textural than most of the work that we’ve presented thus far, so expect some new flavoring to the roster from this texturing veteran!

Aside from here, you can find him on Smash World Forums. He frequents the Artwork Emporium, and would love to critique your work – whatever it may be.

With my induction to Stack Smash, I was asked to fulfill a simple favor. BigShark over at Elite Smash Hackers whipped up his version of SA-X Samus, and while he even admitted to it being a bit of, ‘ca scrap’d he also said that we at SS were developing a far better one. Well, we weren’t until I showed up. Whether or not I completed this job because PZT asked me to, or because BigShark somehow knew that we were going to make a better texture, I did it. And so without further adieu (I certainly wouldn’t want to tie you guys over any longer), I present to you all SA-X Samus and SA-X Zero-Suit Samus!

Please allow yourselves to soak in this parasitic beauty.

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Dead Monkeys aren’t much fun. BUT. THEY. CAN. DANCE!

So yeah people. We now bring you what you all wanted. DONKEY KONG!!!

First off, we have Dry DK, whom will make you think of DEAD MONKEYS THAT CAN DANCE WHILE LOOKING SUPER RETARDED.

And we also have Funky Kong, with his skin tight clothes. Actually, it’s Fonkey Kong, since DK stole Funky’s clothes…didn’t steal the sunglasses while at it, tho. But whatever.

Less nonsense, more pics.
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Hey people! We are gonna throw pills with fire down your throat tonight! It seems Dr.Mario and Roy have come back AGAIN. They just weren’t too happy with their older looks.

First off, Roy with his even more awesome looks and a EPIC cape (can’t thank Bird Person enough for that). And guess what? NO WEIRD GREEN ON HIS HAIR NOW!

Anyway, Plumbing Dr.Mario also REJOINS the Brawl. With awesomer overall…things that just make him awesome. He also uses pills to put his whole outfit together nicely.

Anyway, screw talking, I got pics.

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TRIPLE UPDATE: Hey guys, he’s not dead!

Guess what guys, Warchamp woke up from his coma! yes, you heard it. HOORAAAYYY!!!

He actually has some problems with his computer and he’s unable to use photoshop at the moment (he doesn’t have access to our page on our new server too), but the important thing is tonight he’s bringing you a present from the past.

Anyway, here’s a quote from Warchamp: Hey guys! I’m not dead!

Get ready, because Marcus McCloud, Dynablade, and Shiny Lucario strike back!

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SSC 02: Stack SMAAAASH!!

This is actually SMAAAASH!! #33, paying tribute to various (mostly Adnrou’s because they fit the parts) hacks, but PZT wanted me to post it here too. Of course, it’s also shameless advertising for me. I’m very awesome. Here you go.

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