Edit: Update tonight. Now with more vendetta.

Blame Warchamp for leaking our entire backlog of EE cameo textures, then leaving me high and dry with no pictures and skipping out 3 hours before I had to update.


V is a notorious anarchist revolutionary dressed in an exaggerated mask caricature of the would-be assassin and executor of the gunpowder plot, Guy Fawkes. In a near-future nuclear fallout version of Britain, he fights to overthrow the fascist Norsefire political party who caught Britain’s government on the rebound from the terrible nuclear war. Hero or villain? Sane or psychotic? All that is left up to the viewer. Whether it is about the character V from the comic series, or to the guy who thought up the idea for this hack. Again, this is another would-be EE cameo hack, again denied by Skyos and Cryos. Originally planned as the third Meta-Knight texture to boot. Although, as it so happens, this may be a blessing in disguise, as if it was an EE cameo hack Warchamp would have carelessly leaked it and you’d have nothing to dine on this fine night. So don your mask, light some bombs, and assassinate some facists, because it’s vendetta time.

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