He’s dark.And he got boxing gloves!

Today’s highlight comes from a dark world.With the power of darkness,boxing gloves AND a sword,he will be the one to take you down! He is the Dark Meta-Luchador. He’s gonna own you,big time.Do whatever you can,but lemme tell you a secret…JOIN THE NINTENDO FUN CLUB TODAY!

Now,GO! GO! GO!

3 Responses to “He’s dark.And he got boxing gloves!”

  • Hey can you please take a few of my requests as i have no texture hacking ability whatsoever.
    I think youve done some really great work, and im wondering how about Altair from Assassin’s Creed? He’d be great on Sheik but do him on whatever you feel works best.

    The only others are Geno and Vaati(human form) on Toon Link.

    And im sorry i have so many requests(but they dont take them at Ghosteo)

    You should do Kratos on Ganondorf. Do that and your my hero.
    And if you can do a midna texture on anyone i love you(i mean human midna, just to avoid confusion)

  • …You don’t make requests here. Nice texure hack btw.

  • Epic.

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