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Pokemon R/S/E Legendary Trio Over Spear Pillar

I moved ALL 3 stages over Spear pillar. The Kyogre stage stage is STILL SWIMMABLE and the Groudon Stage doesn’t have the Norfair lava effects But it has a falling boundary. The Raquaza stage is just flat with rocks and junk. All 3 stages can go over Jungle japes with no rel.

Videos here:

Legendary Trio pac download


Super Mario Advance 2:Ghost House

I made another part of the house and ported both stages over Mushroomy Kingdom.
So now when you select the Mushroomy Kingdom stage you play on one of the 2 stages each time.

Both go over Battlefield with no rel.


Videos Here

Download here:

Pokemon D/P/P Turnback Cave V2

-Increased texture accuracy.
-Animated Giratina
-Added Bronzongs
-Golbats and Zubats fly by periodicaly in one of the stages
-Added Giratina portals
-Smoother animations on ALL Pokemon Models
-Better lighting on ALL Pokemon Models
-Added Gastly’s
-Changed the size of the boulders

-New Giratina model

All 3 stages can go over Jungle japes with no rel. They go over Shadow Moses Island with the rel.

Videos here


Sonic Advance 3:Alter Emerald

Requested by animeist72

Emeral flys back and forth in the background from time to time.

Goes over Battlefield with no rel. Goes over Distant Planet with a rel. Continue reading ‘Sonic Advance 3:Alter Emerald’

Toon Ezio

A collaboration between me and Iwvi from the Infinite Smash Team.
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A Brawl stage based on the 12th level of Lemmings, simply titled “Patience”.

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Sonic Advance:Angel Island Zone

Angel Island Zone from Sonic Advance 1. This was a stage requested by….um….I forgot, well his name isn’t “I forgot”. I mean I forgot his name lol. This stage also requires you to tech to stay alive and the moving platform  in the middle TROLLS so hard. If you fall under it most likely you won’t be coming back lol….you’ll see what I mean in the video. But anyway yeah it goes over Battlefield with no rel.
And goes over The Temple with the rel.

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Untitled Wuhu Island stage

Here’s a very simple stage that takes place just in front of the Wuhu Island courtyard. (I’m also working on a custom stage from Lemmings, which will be posted in the next few days.)

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BSIC: a program to automatically create MenSelmapMark images

Website / Download

The Brawl Stage Image Generator can take in an input image and convert it to a Brawl MenSelmapMark image using ImageMagick.

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