Probably my favorite stage (not just ‘cus I made it >:c)

Alright, hands up. Who knows what the hell Sonic Robo Blast 2 is?

To those of you who know what it is, it’s basically a Sonic fan game based off of the engine made for DooM Legacy. That’s right, an FPS was converted to a platformer. Awesome.

Anyway, now onto another question. Anyone know what Mystic Realm is? Ya know, Mystic’s mod of SRB2? That has to be my favorite mod out there by far. The levels were a blast and ultra fun. My only complaint was the 3rd emerald stage- Ran out of lives and had to re-start. Always died in that hedgehog oven lava pit. Dang you Mystic!

Anyway, my favorite stage has to be the last of them all- Mystic Realm Zone. It was a very awesome Super Sonic stage. The scenery, music, and steroid-inhailed Eggman boss was beast.

…Why am I telling you this, you ask?

Because I put Mystic Realm Zone into Brawl.

That’s right, that awesome stage has now been mimicked on Final Destination to be into the game of pure awesomeness! It’s not 100% Mystic Realm, but hey, I didn’t want the scenery to be too generic when It’s suppose to change. Anyway, lookit the pix pl0x.

To those of you who think it sucks( not because it’s SRB2 related), just try this in-game to humor me (unless you are susceptible seizures :c). Please. :<

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