You like gunblades?..AND EXTRA!!

Squall Leonhart

Haha….i complelty forgot about this…… much work recently. So this is a vertex hack made by LookItsLink from KCMM, using my original squall texture as a base, so i asked Jack if i can update this in stacksmash at teh same time as KittyCorp, and he agreed………..except that they updated it early as i expected……i am an slowpoke, o_o, i don’t think it’s a problem to update it at this time anyway, :S

Whatever..enjoy the great vertex hack of LookItsLink…..Guns and Swords are awesome, :3

And yeh…the download button!!

And don’t forget to visit our friends at KCMM, hope you can enjoy it, 😛

PD: someone please resize the image!!!, i can’t now, >_<

Wow……….i apologize by not doing any work in like…………….3 months?? Okay, that’s a shit load of time, and all it’s FUCKING COLLEGE’S FAULT………….and my lazyness, ._. (And i am working in Super Smash Flash 2 too as a Dev, XD)

But i gonna talk of the last thing i worked in Brawl stuff, even with my hatred about teasers…but this is something…..

Trying to do two vertex hacks, and i advanced on it…very, very slow….one is a texture i already made, and a completly new one, with new texture, etc……Also i gonna start working on more textures, mainly for Sonic, Peach, Meta Knight,……etc…

And know, really disappointing that appears with no stuff, so here’s an image i worked for College, that you can use for….something?

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  • A Flaming Darth Sauron with gears behind, with something written on it that I suspect to be the thing that is on the ring from the LotR.
    That’s something I definitely DON’T know where to use it. ^_^’

    But I’m curious of what the hell was the theme that engendered this piece of work.

    (Oh, and yeah for gunblades !)

  • Dhragen you deserve as much praise as me if not more for the amazing job you did with the texture.

  • Yo, Squall, I’m real happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, but Quote has one of the best sword-guns of all time. OF ALL TIME!


    Seriously, this looks pretty good. Nice one.

  • Lrn2usethumbnailsorresizingkthxbaimang

    I’ve already commented on the original post, but anyway, this is really cool and deserved a spot on my game.

  • Wow, I just said that “I’d like to see teasers from people who haven’t done anything in a long time, So I can be happy to know that they haven’t stopped hacking.” And then I come here and see that Dhragen posted a teaser. I’m not really sure what you’re working on, But It looks awesome. And yeah, That is an awesome vertex hack.

    By the way, I made the images smaller for you.

  • looks really cool, but i think it could be better (yeah, i know im not a good hacker like you, but i think you can give more) wherever, i just download the vertex, its really nice 🙂

  • A video by me:

    And one by Jack:

    In case you want to add them to the post.

  • Thank god…A Final Fantasy hack that isn’t from VII! …could someone make Cecil (the palidin from IV) on Marth? or maybe (God forbid) Gilgamesh?

  • Ok, I know that Arabic is written right to left, I know about using the dir=rtl code on text that displays on the page, but what about the keywords and descriptions in the html coding- page title, keywords, description? .

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